According to Apple’s own data, 54% of devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) are using iOS 10 and 38% devices are using iOS 9. If your existing iPhone app or iPad is not compatible with the last two versions, iOS 9 and iOS 10, then just think how much you are losing! Your mobile app is not reaching out to a whopping 92% of iPhone and iPad users.

When Apple updates its iOS, it brings a lot of enhancements and fixes. Because of these enhancements and fixes, there are chances that your existing app may not work aptly or work at all. If this is the case, your app will be rendered useless, and your app users (customers) will forsake your app altogether. Eventually, your business will suffer.

So, what to do?

Well, the first thing you need to do is approach a reputable iPhone app development company and ask them to perform an iOS app compatibility test of your app. The iOS app compatibility testing by leading iPhone app development companies in most cases is free. If your app passes the test and works just fine, then you do need to worry about anything. If your app does not pass the test and work in the iOS 10 the way it is supposed to work, which is very likely, then you will need to ask the iPhone app development company for the app portability service. This service is chargeable, and the cost will vary as per the changes required in your app.

When you hire an iPhone app development company for the iOS 10 app portability service, their skilled iPhone app developers will find the compatibility problems in your app and fix them. Also, if you want, the iPhone app developers will also perform the enhancements in your app, adding new features and functions provided by the latest iOS.

That’s it! Once your app is compatible with the latest iOS, you are again back in the game to serving your app users in a better way.

So, is your iPhone app iOS 10 compatible? If not, contact us today at Concept Infoway, a leading iPhone app development company in India with highly experienced and skilled iPhone app developers. Our iPhone app developers will perform the compatibility test of your app and suggest whether it is compatible with the latest iOS as well as what new features and functions could be added in your app to make it better. If your app is not compatible with iOS 10, our iPhone app developers will find all the compatibility problems and fix them. In case you want to add new features and functions to your app, provided by the latest iOS, then our developers will efficiently develop and integrate them into your app.

Just contact us at with your requirement, and we will get back to you with a prolific solution. Also, if you want to get a new iPhone app developed from scratch or need essential business services, like web design, E-commerce development, CMS development, custom CRM development, web application development, software development, or internet marketing, kindly do get in touch. We provide exceptional services at budget-friendly rates.

When it comes to CMS website development, you have a lot of options. But, from all those options, three are popular – WordPress CMS development, Joomla CMS development, and Drupal CMS development. Which should you choose from these three?

When choices are given, the best way to select the best option is by understanding the pros and cons of each choice, from your perspective. Keep in mind that WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are all great CMS applications. It is your perspective or your expectation of the CMS application that matters when it comes to the selection.

All right, now let us quickly look at the pros and cons of each CMS application.


WordPress is quite a popular Open Source CMS application. Many individuals and even small businesses seek WordPress development services for budget-friendly CMS website and blog site solutions. With the emergence of WooCommerce, an E-commerce plugin for WordPress, many small merchants too are seeking WordPress development services or WooCommerce development services for affordable E-commerce solutions. If you do not need many custom features and functions, WordPress is ideal for you.

Here are the pros and cons of WordPress:

Pros Cons
• Easy to understand and use • Difficult to create and customize the functions
• Easy to add common features and functions • Difficult to personalize the themes and designs
• Easy to find beautiful themes and template designs • Very difficult to build custom web applications

Note: Of course, it is possible to create and customize the functions and themes and designs, but you will need to hire skilled WordPress developers.


Joomla is another popular CMS application, which is a bit more powerful than WordPress. Usually, small and medium-sized businesses seek Joomla CMS development services for affordable CMS website and powerful web application solutions. With Joomla, it is also possible to build excellent E-commerce solutions. If you need powerful website or web app solutions, then Joomla is ideal for you.

Here are the pros and cons of Joomla:

Pros Cons
• Easy to understand and use (not as intuitive as WordPress) • Difficult to build and customize the functions
• Easy to add common features and functions (not as easy as WordPress) • Difficult to personalize the themes and designs
• Developer-friendly for web apps development • A bit expensive than WordPress development

Note: It is possible to build and customize the functions and themes and designs, but you will need to hire skilled Joomla developers. Also to build custom web apps, you will need to rely on experienced Joomla developers.


Drupal is yet another reliable CMS application, which is quite popular in the government and corporate sectors. Usually, government and corporate entities seek Drupal development services for cost-effective and secure CMS website solutions. If you need a secure, easy-to-customize CMS website solutions, then Drupal is for you.

Here are the pros and cons of Drupal:

Pros Cons
• Very easy to add custom features • A bit difficult to understand and use
• Very easy to change the website theme • Very difficult to build custom apps
• Secure, powerful, and scalable than WordPress and Joomla • Expensive than WordPress development and Joomla development

Note: Drupal is great, with adding custom features and functions, but with the additions made over time, it tends to become messy, which eventually affects the performance. In order to clean the mess, you will need to hire experienced and skilled Drupal developers.

So now you at least have a brief idea about the pros and cons of each CMS application. Now, it is up to your expectation. If you need a simple, intuitive CMS website, blog site, or E-commerce solution, then go for WordPress development. If you need an easy-to-use CMS website or powerful web application solution, then go for Joomla development. And, if you need a secure and scalable CMS website solution that is easy to customize, then go for Drupal development. Whichever you choose, at some point in time, you will need to rely on professional developers.

If you are looking for quality WordPress development, Joomla development, or Drupal development in India, then you can count on us at Concept Infoway. We are a leading CMS development company in India, and we have very talented WordPress developers, Joomla developers, and Drupal developers who can deliver prolific solutions.

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Is your website responsive? A site with responsive web design can drastically increase your leads!

In order to be successful in this highly competitive market today, it is of cardinal importance to embrace the latest web development technology and web design trend. For the past few years now, one of the major trends in web design is the responsive web design (RWD). If your site is not responsive, then you are probably losing a lot of leads and eventually the sales.

Responsive Web Design at a Glance

If you are regularly surfing the web, then you might have certainly come across responsive websites, because as stated above, responsive web design is in trend for quite some years now. Responsive websites are those that spontaneously and swiftly adapt to the screen size of your device. Such a site ensures that your web content, both textual and visual, displays properly and uniformly to users on different devices with varied screen sizes and orientations.

In order to create responsive web pages that adjust automatically to different screen sizes, web development companies, or to be more precise, web developers, utilize special coding techniques. Therefore, it will be in your best interest to approach a good web development company when you want to transform your existing site to a responsive site.

The ability to make your website look enticing and remain user-friendly on every screen size is vital because many people today are using varied devices, especially smartphone devices, to access the websites. Sites with responsive web design not only look great on traditional desktop and laptop screens but they also adapt fluidly to the small screens of smartphone and tablet devices, with no more annoying zooming and scrolling needed.

The Growing Mobile Trend

Your business website helps create a brand name as well as generate sales. If your website does not display properly on a user’s device, their opinion of your business and brand can suffer. If browsing your website on a mobile or tablet device results in unsatisfying experience, users are certain to forsake your site and go to one of your competitors’ sites that are responsive.

According to various studies, and quite evident as a matter of fact, the proportion of smartphone users accessing the web today is more than ever before. More people today are browsing websites with their smartphone and tablet devices than with laptop and desktop computers. The way the mobile tech is advancing, it seems that smartphone and tablet users will still increase. Looking at this fact, it becomes quite logical for businesses to shift their focus toward mobile users as well. Not focusing on mobile users may result in the loss of a customer and decrease in sales.

So, in order to target both traditional desktop and laptop users and contemporary smartphone and tablet users, it is mandatory for a business to have a beautiful responsive business website. Such a website will enable a business to serve every potential customer, regardless the type of device they are using.

Want to convert your existing business website to responsive? Or create a brand-new site with responsive web design? Get in touch with us at Concept Infoway, the leading web development company in India, for a quality and budget-friendly responsive web design service. We have some of the best web designers and web developers in India who can help you create prolific responsive web design solutions through which you can reach out to your potential customers on any devices.

Just contact us with your responsive web design requirements at and we will get back to you with the best price quote.

Do you know what sorts of solutions you can get when you choose PHP development services? Numerous web development companies in India offer PHP development services, but what do you actually get?

PHP is a popular, open source scripting language, more precisely a server-side scripting language, that allows web development companies, or to be more precise, PHP developers, build amazing website solutions that are fast, productive, and versatile. Along with prolific website solutions, leading web development companies in India, like us at Concept Infoway, can use PHP to provide other innovative solutions. Check out what you can get when you seek PHP development services:

  • Website Solutions: As mentioned earlier, with PHP development services, you can get elegant website solutions. These website solutions are budget-friendly, customizable, SEO-friendly, and responsive or mobile-friendly, suitable for any sort of industry.
  • CMS Solutions: With PHP development, you can get tailor-made CMS solutions. Such CMS solutions are made as per your specific needs or requirements. They are easy to use and resourceful, allowing you to manage your website quickly and easily.
    On a side note, most popular open source CMSs are built with PHP! Therefore, even if you choose WordPress development, Drupal development, CodeIgniter development, or Joomla development, PHP is eventually used in conjunction with these CMSs to build the solution.
  • E-commerce Solutions: With PHP development you get custom E-commerce solutions that are feature-rich and reliable. Just like popular CMSs, many leading E-commerce software programs are written in PHP! Therefore, when you choose Magento development, osCommerce development, WooCommerce development, or Zen Cart development, you will get a beautiful online store solution with traces of PHP in it.
  • Blog Solutions: PHP development has the ability to build elegant blog sites. These blog sites are customizable, responsive, SEO-friendly, and versatile, allowing you to post blogs, articles, and news effortlessly.
  • Web Application Solutions: With PHP development, you can get powerful, scalable, and productive web applications, like taxi booking and dispatch systems, inventory management systems, club management systems, and accounting systems to name a few. No matter what types of web functions are required, with PHP development, it is possible to build them.
  • Enhancement & Maintenance: PHP development services by leading web development companies include enhancement and maintenance of existing PHP sites and applications. If you need to add a functionality or fix an error on your site or web application, then such services can come in handy.

These are some common web solutions you can get when you seek PHP development services from a reputable web development company in India.

At Concept Infoway, we are expert in PHP web development, and we have some of the most experienced PHP developers in India who can deliver prolific PHP solutions at budget-friendly pricing.

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Apple’s iOS 10 is finally available for the users. If you are not an early adopter of Apple’s latest iOS iteration, then fortunately, you have protected yourself from some pitfalls. Many users who upgraded to iOS 10 complained that the update put their phones into the recovery mode, which meant they had to wipe their device’s memory, reinstall iOS 9.3.5 and then try upgrading to iOS 10 again.

However, there are plenty of new features and tweaked old things in Apple’s iOS 10, and here are 6 most important things that you should know before upgrading your old iPhone to the latest mobile operating system i.e. iOS 10.

The Bricking Problem Has Been Fixed: A group of iOS 10 users reported about a pretty serious issue with the iOS 10 immediately after the first update. According to them, iOS 10 was causing their iPhones to become completely inoperable. Apple immediately addressed the issue and fixed it. Hence, if you were worried about this headache, then rest assured that the problem has been solved.

Different Lock Screen: The lock screen is obviously the first thing that comes into the notice. In iOS 10, the lock screen displays a lot of information about the upcoming calendar events, new stories, etc. You can edit this; hence, make sure, none of your sensitive information is displayed on the lock screen.

Music is a Mess: In iOS 10, music comes with a big makeover, and this could be called as a lateral move by the Apple. It mainly trades old problems for new ones. For instance, now you cannot estimate the song length because Apple has wisely removed that information from the library screen.

Improved Apple Map: In iOS 10, along with Apple Music, Apple Map also received a major overhaul. The new Apple Map is better, cleaner, easier and precise. It is zippier and helpful. If you are driving through unknown routes, you can trust on Apple Map instead of Google Maps that suggests too many weird routes and dozens of turns.

Battery Drain: All the iOS 10 users have complained about the increased battery drain. It could be because of some background functions or the work that the iPhone does right after upgrading to the new iOS 10. If you already have a battery drain problem with your iPhone, then the chances are your problem may worsen with iOS 10.

To Conclude: iOS 10 includes plenty of new features and improvements, including Camera, Photos, Mail, Phone, Safari, and Messages apps to name a few. There are many subtle features; hence, iOS 10 is worth considering.

If you have any question regarding iOS 10, then feel free to contact us at Concept Infoway.

Have you ever wondered what sorts of solutions you could get with WordPress development? Many web development companies in India provide WordPress development or WordPress customization services, but what do you actually get?

WordPress is an Open Source web software that allows web development companies, or to be more precise, WordPress developers, create beautiful CMS website and blog site solutions that are customizable and SEO-friendly. Along with innovative CMS website and blog site solutions, web development companies, like us, Concept Infoway, can use WordPress to offer other useful solutions. Check out what other solutions are included in the WordPress development and customization services:

  • Websites: As mentioned, with the WordPress development service you can get beautiful CMS website solutions. These website solutions are mobile-ready or responsive, SEO-friendly, and fully-customizable, suitable for any kind of industry.
  • Blog Sites: WordPress development has the power to deliver exceptional blog site solutions. These blog solutions are also responsive, SEO-friendly and fully-customizable, but feature-rich as well, allowing you to post articles, blogs, and news easily.
  • CMS Solutions: With WordPress development, you can get powerful CMS solutions. Such CMS solutions will allow you to manage your entire website effortlessly, on the fly. Modify texts and images, manage website banners and themes, control users and groups, and do much more with WordPress CMS solutions.
  • E-commerce Solutions: Yes, you can get exceptional e-commerce solutions with WordPress development. By integrating WooCommerce plugin, WordPress developers can create beautiful e-commerce solutions that are suitable for small and large-sized merchants alike.
  • Plugin Development & Customization: If you need a specific kind of functionality on your site, say, for instance, event booking function, then you can have it with the help of WordPress plugins. Many plugins are readily available, which WordPress developers can customize as per your unique requirements and integrate them into your website. In case the specific plugin is not available, WordPress developers can even develop it from the scratch.
  • Theme Development & Customization: Ready-made WordPress themes are available, which can be customized as per your unique tastes. If you need something exclusive, WordPress developers can create the WordPress theme from the scratch.
  • Migration: WordPress customization services include WordPress site migration, which aims at migrating your site from another platform or from the older WordPress version to the latest version. Migrating a site can be problematic, so you may require the services of the WordPress customization company.
  • Maintenance: Your existing WordPress site requires maintenance from time to time. Tasks, like fixing errors, patching bugs, and maintaining a site, are not easy. Therefore, you may need to seek professional WordPress development and customization services.

These are just some common solutions that you can get through WordPress development and customization services.

At Concept Infoway, we are experienced in WordPress development and customization, and we have some of the most talented WordPress developers who will deliver satisfactory WordPress solutions at budget-friendly pricing.

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Now sell your products and services with ease online. With a well-built ecommerce solution, your business too can sell stuff successfully online, like Amazon, eBay, and others.

At Concept Infoway Pvt. Ltd., a leading ecommerce development company in India, we can help you build remarkable online store solutions. We are in business for over one-and-a-half decade and have helped many businesses across the globe with exceptional ecommerce solutions. We have massively experienced ecommerce developers, who are skilled in various ecommerce development technologies. Our skilled ecommerce developers can provide beautiful, intuitive ecommerce solutions via Magento development, Zen Cart development, WooCommerce development, and osCommerce development to name a few.

With our ecommerce development expertise, you will have an online store solution, which will surely help you sell your stuff easily online to your potential customers anywhere in the world. Here is a brief of our expertise in ecommerce development:

- Technology-specific ecommerce development (Magento, osCommerce, Zen Cart, etc.)
- Creation of an intuitive and beautiful online store solution with a superior interface.
- Development of an easy-to-use admin panel (backend) that will help you easily manage your entire ecommerce site.
- Creation of customized shopping carts.
- Integration of popular shipping methods, payment gateways, and social media channels.
- Creation of a beautiful product gallery to showcase your products.
- Integration of marketing and promotional tools to incite your potential customers.
- Development of search engine friendly and mobile friendly ecommerce solutions.
- And more…

To know more about our ecommerce development expertise, or get a free, no obligation quote, get in touch with us at

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Last week, WordPress 4.6 was released. A second major release of 2016, WordPress 4.6 brings some thrilling improvements and fixes several bugs. If your website is built using WordPress, then you should certainly upgrade it to the newer version in order to take the advantages of the new features.

Check out what’s new in WordPress 4.6:

Native System Fonts

Now, with the WordPress 4.6, you can use your native system font for the admin area. Previously, the font was Open Sans, which made the admin interface to load a bit slower and look all the same on different devices and platforms. By using the native system font now, the admin area will load faster, and you will actually feel more at home on whichever device and platform you use.

Streamlined Updates for Plugins & Themes

With WordPress 4.6, whenever you install or update your WordPress plugins and themes, you will not have to leave that page, like you had to with the previous versions. The installations and updates happen on the same page, so the time you have to spend on these processes will drastically reduce.

Improvements to the Editor

There are two radical improvements in the Editor: Inline Link Checker and Content Recovery. With the Inline Link Checker feature, you will now know that you have entered broken or poorly formatted links; it will highlight the linked anchor text with red dots. With the Content Recover feature, WordPress will save your content to the browser as and when you begin typing. Recovering the saved content in WordPress 4.6 is now a lot easier.

Under the Hood Improvements

There are lots of improvements for WordPress developers. Here are the real under the hood improvements:

  • Resource Hints
  • Robust Requests
  • Improved Meta Registration
  • WP_Term_Query Class
  • WP_Post_Type Class
  • Persistent Comment Cache
  • Translation on Demand
  • JavaScript Library Updates
  • This WordPress update was one of the major ones, so you will have to initiate the update manually. Do not forget to take a complete backup of your site before starting the update. To learn more about WordPress 4.6, visit

    If you need help from professional WordPress developers, then contact us at Our WordPress developers are skilled and experienced, and they are expert in WordPress development, WordPress customization, and WordPress update.


    Do you have a business website, but aren’t getting enough leads? Well, it’s time to think about redesigning your website.

    Of the many reasons, including the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the web design of your site could be affecting its ability to produce the desired results. If your website is old with an outdated design and technology, then it surely does affect its productivity. The outdated technology results in slow load times and poor performance, resulting in turning off the visitors visiting your site. A website with an outdated technology also performs poor in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), pushing your website to the last pages where potential customers are hardly going to search.

    As far as the old web design is concerned, repeated visitors do not like to look at the same old boring stuff every time they visit the site. It simply turns them off. Similarly, new visitors will simply close your website if they find the web design of your site to be too boring or out-of-trend.

    For these reasons, it is vital to think about redesigning your website. By redesigning your website, you will be able to have a fresh website with an alluring, in-trend web design and with an updated technology that will factor towards fast load time and smooth performance. Updated technology and new look will push your website up in the SERPs. Further, visitors will spend more time on your site, which may be able to incite them to perform a transaction and generate a lead for you.

    Web design trends and web technologies keep on changing from time to time. Therefore, it is vital for you too to adapt to those changes and redesign your website as and when required. Spend some time on your website and see whether it needs a redesign. If you do need to redesign your website or aren’t sure whether you need to redesign your website, just contact us at Concept Infoway Pvt. Ltd.

    We are a leading web design company in India, and we help create beautiful, lead-generating websites to businesses all over the world. Our skilled and experienced web designers in India follow the latest web design trends and web technologies in order to deliver the perfect websites that are attractive, intuitive, high-performing, SEO-friendly, and mobile-friendly. If you need to redesign your website, our web designers can help – they will recreate your website with an updated web design and web technology from scratch.

    Also, apart from quality web design, we also provide budget-friendly software development, CRM development, as well as mobile app development services in India. Browse through our site to learn more about these services.

    In order to contact us, just write to us at or fill in a simple “contact us” form at

    We look forward to helping you turn your website into a lead-generating asset.

    If you are a mobile app developer, more specially an Apple app developer then you might be aware already that Apple iOS 10 Beta 5 is already released for the developers, and also for the users who have tried and tested out the Beta 4 earlier. Most experts say that this will be one of the last Beta releases of iOS 10, before Apple finally unveils the “Gold master” build in time for WWDC 2016.

    As usual, the iOS 10 Beta will be an over-the-air update for users of Beta 4. Below is the detailed list of changes, along with the known bugs present still in it:

    • Apple ID password login is no longer required following a reboot for App Store purchases
    • New lock sound and enhanced keyboard sounds
    • Devices will no longer “panic” when using iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case
    • Third party apps are now able to play Music even if the Music app has been removed
    • No more dropouts using Bluetooth LE-based hearing aids with an iPhone that’s also paired with an Apple Watch
    • After enabling speaker during a call, subsequent calls will no longer use speaker by default
    • Pass update banners will no longer fail to show unless previous pass notifications are first cleared from Notification Center
    • Easier camera launch from the lockscreen
    • Smaller current date from the homescreen

    You can download the PDF source from:

    Also, 9to5mac and macrumors have made a quick video regarding the changes, you can check them out below:


    Macrumors video

    Finally, if you are looking for a team of expert iOS App Developers or mobile app development services, feel free to contact us at:

    Also, would appreciate if you could let us know if you liked our blog or not, if there are any changes required etc., in the comments section below.