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Our SEO services are designed to make your business rank better in search results, increase your website’s traffic, promote your brand, produce leads, and most importantly, help you conquer your business milestones.

Overview of Search Engine Optimization Services

Assessment– We know it very well that every business is different and unique; therefore, getting to know yours is the very first step. We spend enough time to understand your business, business ecosystem, level of competition, and nature of your customers. Moreover, we also analyze how your company works and what are your long-term business objectives, exploring prospects for improvements. What’s important to you is important to us.

Strategy– Haphazard, errors, and confusions aren’t part our vocabulary. We summarize detailed internet marketing strategies that meet your requirements and stick to them. Timelines help us stay focused on the point and keep you informed to deliver the results you expect.

Execution– Our personalized SEO methods will implement your strategy and swiftly adjust to the shifting marketplace. Search Engine Optimization professionals at Concept Infoway employs the most populated social channels and latest software to get your business noticed. We strive for your all-round success.

Measurement– Monthly report cards of our SEO activities will help you determine exactly what our SEO services have reaped for you. We constantly track progress and analyze the results to give customers a closer look at their ROI.

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The stage is set. Everything is planned and prepared to welcome the Apple’s first and the most adorable wearable gadget “Apple Watch”. Furthermore, to make the release more memorable and to boost the success of Apple Watch prior its availability, the Apple Inc. has invited all the registered iOS developers to develop and submit their WatchKit app, icon, screenshots, and description for review, at the earliest. However, do you know, what is the procedure to develop an apple watch application, and how to submit it to the apple store for review? Don’t Sweat It!

Steps to Develop and Submit Apple Watch Apps

Optimizing Your WatchKit App– As a first step towards apple watch app development, you need to update your Xcode to the latest version of Xcode .i.e. XCode 6.  It also includes iOS 8.2 with WatchKit. Apple Watch App Design– When you design an apple watch app, strictly follow the requirements outlined in the Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines. Apple Watch App Development– Keep in mind all the app development tips and guides by Apple to develop a high-performing apple watch app. WatchKit Development Tips and Apple Watch Programming Guide.

App Store MetaData

Ensure that the metadata for your App Store product page involves app’s new functionality on Apple Watch. Application Icon– When you develop a custom application for apple watch, always remember icon of the app should be visually identical to your iOS app icon. This keeps your users connected. Now, getting a bit technical, the file you upload as the icon for your app should be square with 1024×1024 pixels. As this file is too large for scaling purpose, ensure that the uploaded image graciously scales down to smaller sizes. The system will spontaneously resize app icon uploaded by you for the App Store, applying a circular mask. Try to keep the icon design as simple as possible, because, the circular mask will hide the elements on the outer edges. Also, avoid using black or dark background of your icon to keep it from blending into the black Apple Watch home screen.

Note: Please, do not upload a circular icon. Screenshots – You are allowed to upload maximum five screenshots of your WatchKit app in addition to five iPhone app screenshots. Recommended size for WatchKit app screenshots is 312×390 pixels. Provide edge-to-edge screenshots that are 312 x 390 pixels (42 mm) and don’t include Apple Watch in your screenshots. Application Name and Description – As per the guidelines, the name and description of your iPhone app and the Apple Watch app should be the same. If your iPhone app contains a WatchKit app, Glance, or notification, don’t forget to mention this in your description. Moreover, you can also include it in the What’s New Section. Do not include “Apple Watch” in the app name. When writing a description in another language, always use Apple Watch in English. Keywords– You are given maximum 100 characters to put your point; therefore, give your best shot. Avoid using terms such as the app and watch, and the phrase such as Apple Watch. To know more, read the App Store Product page. App Preview– Your iPhone app footage may be used as app preview and do not change your preview to show your Apple Watch app. Learn more about app previews.

Uploading Your Apple Watch App to Apple Store

Before submitting your Apple Watch App to Apple Store for review, ensure it obeys and adheres to all the app review guidelines, the version and build number are consistent, and it is completely ready to be released after review. App Review – All the Apple Watch app submitted for review are tested on a set of content, technical, and design criteria.  Make sure you follow the guidelines and use resources before submitting your app for review. Version and Build Number – In the binary, you upload, keep the same version and build number for WatchKit app, iPhone app, and WatchKit extension. Application Release Date – Once reviewed and approved, your existing iPhone users will get the app update, and they will see your WatchKit extension icon and description on the App Store. A tiny community of Apple Watch users will be able to use your app before April 24; however, if desire to launch your app after the release of Apple Watch, then set your release to “Manual”. To know more about the release date, please read the iTunes Connect Developer Guide.

Apple Watch Application Development Services

Undoubtedly, Apple Watch is a gem among the wearable device, but developing an application for it is a tricky business. Fortunately, there are some Apple Watch Application Development Companies, such as Concept Infoway, that help businesses utilize these innovative platforms to earn more profit. To know more about, Custom Apple WatchKit App Development, visit:

If you have not already heard yet, then know this, Microsoft is in the process to up its ecosystem, augment it further. The Microsoft applications will no longer be device-subservient; currently, there are separate apps for desktops, Windows Phones, Windows tablets, as well as Xbox One consoles. Well, this will soon change. With the upcoming operating system, the Windows 10, the apps will be device-independent, or in more simple terms, compatible with any device powered by Microsoft Windows. What will all this mean to the Windows application developers?

Windows app developers will now have to write codebase only once for a particular app. When they are finished, they can roll out the app to the Windows Store from where users can download and install it on a range of Windows devices. Of course, the app will have uniform experience on all the devices. One notable thing that the Microsoft has done by introducing the universal windows apps is, reduce the time and expense of Windows app development. Since one app will rule all the devices, the Windows app developers will not have to build separate apps for different devices. Time and expense will also reduce for the maintenance of the app.

From an entrepreneur’s, looking for an app solution, point of view, they will have the opportunity to maximize their business reach. People are using assorted devices, but since the Windows apps will be device-independent, delivering the apps to these people will not be an issue. People will be able to use the app regardless the type of Windows device they have, and this will prove beneficial to an entrepreneur…increased reach! Entrepreneurs will also get the benefit of the decreased cost of Windows app development. Because there will be the development of only one universal app, instead of several apps for different Windows devices, the Windows app development cost will be far less.

Actually, the concept of allowing app developers to write their apps once and have them functioning on any Windows 10 powered devices feels wonderful. In 2015, for its windows platforms, Microsoft certainly requires more applications and more app developer loyalty, especially those operating on mobile devices. By making the underlying Windows Runtime, Windows APIs, Windows Store, and tooling easily available across different Windows platforms, Microsoft is making the idea of developing Windows apps a lot more appealing, so the argument goes.

Windows 8.1 App Development – Things You Need To Know

There are thousands of people who still don’t know anything or much about Microsoft’s Universal App Development Strategy. Therefore, a wave of worry filled doubts about the success of universal app development strategy. Most of them are questioning whether this move will aid in eliminating the metro-style/modern app gap that’s troubling the Windows and Windows Phone operating systems.
The very first issue that Microsoft needs to overcome is to make developers believe that the latest iteration of the “Write Once Run On Any Windows” is promising, powerful, and user-friendly, and reliable than the previous iterations. In repose to this issue, Microsoft has been saying that developers can reuse the bulk of their Windows code over Windows and Windows Phone, with minimum UI tweaks required. However, many windows developers are still found saying that API and tooling differences have still meant a lot less of their code has been reusable than they had been led to believe.

In regards to universal app development strategy, Microsoft still hasn’t made a convincing declaration as to why windows app developers should go for Universal Applications. For developers who want their applications to function over vivid Windows flavors, they should be required to run on Win32 apps. However, if the apps are developed for the large screens, such as Perceptive Pixel, Surface Hub or TVs coupled to Xbox, then does a developer need to care about the cross-Windows pitch?

Recently, Jan Dawson – a Jackdaw Research Analyst elevated a related issue regarding a potential flaw in the Universal Apps Logic. He noticed that the applications that Microsoft requires on Windows Phone don’t exist as desktop apps on Window.

Because of rising use of smartphones, there exists a group of developers who prefer developing apps for mobile instead of Windows PCs, no matter how easy it is to do. Even after the announcement that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for small business users and consumers using Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, the predictable upgrade projective for Windows 10 is still dim.

Fortunately, Microsoft has a “Plan B” if its Universal Apps Strategy fails. According to sources, the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft is working at how to enable Android Apps to function on Windows Phone and Windows. If Microsoft decides to continue with Plan B, then developers will wonder whether to continue with Windows or Windows App Development or switch to Android App Development.

It would be too early to predict anything about the future and success of Microsoft’s Universal App Development Strategy. Windows team is finding innovative ways to show developers how they can make money writing cross-Windows platform apps. To know more about the Microsoft’s Universal App Strategy, contact Microsoft Certified Developers at Concept Infoway.

Developed by Microsoft in 2002, ASP.NET is now a free to use web application development framework designed to create dynamic and secure web pages and applications. It is one of the most preferred platform used to develop complex web projects. It is a powerful web development platform that can be used for a variety of purposes such as the feature-rich web pages, portals, and custom application development.

Here are some of the advantages that make ASP.NET a promising platform:

  • High speed of development
  • Availability of cross-platform migration
  • Access to the opportunities of .NET Framework Library
  • Increased productivity
  • Reliability & Security
  • Easy configurations of applications and security

Hire ASP.NET Developers for Affordable Web Solutions

Powered by more than 15-years of industry experience, Concept Infoway is a Microsoft Certified ASP.NET development company based in India. ASP.NET development being at the core of our foundation, we excel in creating modern, powerful and secure solutions for global clients, while staying affordable. We hold a strong client base from countries such as the United States, Canada, UK, and Australia.

Our dedicated .NET experience spans:

  • Custom ASP.NET development
  • Windows Azure Development
  • Windows Store Apps Development
  • Windows Desktop Development
  • ASP.NET Migration
  • Silverlight Development
  • ASP.NET Mobile Development
  • ASP.NET Web Services
  • ASP.NET maintenance and Support

Since Concept Infoway’s focus is on offering reliable ASP.NET development solutions to enterprises as well as entrepreneurs, having a dedicated team of Microsoft Certified ASP.NET developers is something that is pretty obvious. ASP.NET developers at Concept Infoway have been working on a wide variety of different sized projects since past numerous years. There are countless reasons that make us stand above and over the ordinary service providers in the market. Concept Infoway is one of the most elite software companies offering bespoke ASP.NET development solutions to a wide range of clientele.

Hire .NET Developers

Do you need .NET development help? At Concept Infoway, we love heling our clients by every means and developing .NET applications. We’ve been doing it for more than a decade. Contact us for your .NET needs.

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Whether your business website has been around for a while or whether you own an established business website, strategic search engine optimization is must for every website in 2015. If you own a business website for long enough, then you might have understood, that SEO has become a major part of running a modern business.

(Why my Rankings Start Degrading, and Why I am Still Unable to Regain the Rankings?)

Moreover, refined SEO algorithms by major search engines such as Google has added fuel to fire, making the landscape of internet marketing more complex for any business to understand. Eventually, you might have understood that search engine optimization tips you have learned over the years aren’t fetching desired ROI. Therefore, it is time to leave behind old age SEO tactics and make some changes to your SEO. Here are some really useful / helpful free SEO tips for established websites to get started in 2015.

Stop Practicing Old SEO Tricks Immediately

As mentioned above, since the evolution, search engine optimization has changed a lot. With the execution of new SEO algorithms by search engines, old-age SEO tactics are no more effective. There are search engine optimization practices you should stop using immediately:

Stop Keyword Stuffing– Keywords are the cornerstone of all internet marketing campaigns; however, rules to use them have changed. Days of keywords stuffing are over; therefore, no more cramming your content with repeated ranking keywords. If you are still doing this, then search engines may penalize your website.

Stop Buying External Links– Well, this was something that drew desired results. It was also used to build a link profile. However, as per the latest SEO algorithms, buying irrelevant external links without looking at the quality of them raises a real threat of Google penalty.

Stop Publishing Low-Quality, Duplicate Content– Useful and informative contents have always been the weakness of search engines. Every search engine concentrated on original, error-free, high quality, and informative content that can help end-users. Therefore, stop publishing low quality and duplicate content, as it degrades your website’s image in search engines.

SEO Techniques You Need to Start Using Now

After the implementation of new SEO algorithms, there are plenty of new things to do with SEO. Whether it is a mobile application or a website, the user experience is given the utmost importance by the search engines. Practice these useful SEO tips to help your established website reach its full potential:

Blog with Fresh and Interactive Content– It is a well-known fact that search engine spiders love fresh, original, and useful content, and blogs with fresh and interactive content are the best way to satisfy their hunger. Update blog section on your website two or three times a week to attract search engine crawlers, as well as readers.

Mobile Friendly or Responsible Website– With the introduction of smartphone revolution, owing a mobile friendly or a responsive website has also become crucial if you want to rank better or want more business from handheld web enabled devices. Moreover, Google recently announced that mobile-friendly feature would be considered as a ranking factor. There are countless advantages of having a mobile friendly website and mobile application for your business in 2015.

Title tags and Meta Descriptions– Here is your stance to grab your visitors’ attention. Though your old SEO tactics may have ranked putting keywords in your metas, it comes second to making these 155-160 characters engaging. You have to keep your users engaged, otherwise, they may move to some other websites.

Next Step

Throw away your old and ineffective SEO techniques, polish up your loyal standbys, and hug the new rules for search engine optimization. The best search engine optimization services are those that keep your business ahead of competition and use proven optimization tactics. With the help of above-mentioned tips, you will get your business back on track. For more information on search engine optimization services in 2015, contact us at We could be the best SEO company you have ever met.

Successful android application development is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires adequate industry experience, skills, and tools to deliver a powerful android app. Therefore, success and failure of an android application also depend on the capability of an individual who has developed it. This is one of the reasons, why businesses prefer a reliable android application development company having years of industry experience, which promises to create a scalable and secure mobile application for their businesses.

(A Brief on Android App Development)

If you are one with an innovative app concept, but don’t know how to start and from where to start, or don’t have enough skills to develop an android app on your own, then hiring the services of an android application development company is highly recommended.

Essential Skills to Look For in an Android Application Development Company

Before you hire a company’s android application development services, ensure that the android app developers, who are going to handle your project is proficient in Java and knows how to deploy Eclipse IDE for SQL and Java. Knowledge and proper understanding of Java is imperative for using Android SDK, which is an essential tool for creating an android app. An android app developer, you intend to hire, must have a comprehensive understanding about how to use Eclipse for Java as it helps in reducing the time for coding the app’s architecture. Expertise in SQL language is an added advantage in creating a successful android app. Moreover, the knowledge XML can aid resolve issues related XML.

Interesting Android Facts to Inspire you

  • There are more than 1300,000 applications in the Google Play store
  • According to recent statistics, the Google play comprises 84% free and 16% paid apps
  • Approximately 1.5 million of Android OS powered devices go online in a day
  • Strategy Analytics report revealed that, android will gain more than 85% of market share

With every passing day, Android is gaining immense popularity. It is the best time for you to develop a custom android app for your business and enter the mainstream. You have to find a reliable and established mobile app development company as well as you have to do your homework before developing a mobile application for your business in 2015. There are very few companies with the potential to deliver the expected quality solutions; therefore, be careful in selecting a company and don’t forget to follow a well-planned approach.

The search giant “Google” is constantly striving to make itself more user-friendly and productive, and as a part of it, it regularly updates its search algorithms in favor of the end-users. After announcing that mobile friendly websites will be given more importance in search results, the Google recently made it public that loading speed of your website will be considered as one of the most important ranking factors. Therefore, it has become obligatory for all webmasters to improve the loading speed of their websites at any cost. Moreover, it is also essential because websites loading slowly receive 11% less views every day, resulting in decreased conversion rates by 7%.

Steps to Decrease Load Time of Your Website

Manage your HTTP Requests: If not handled properly and professionally, different types of HTTP requests, including images, stylesheets, flash and others make your website creep. A junk of useless components on the page means it will load slowly as each one of them need an HTTP request to load. Make your website simple with the help of one or two stylesheets for styling, use CSS instead of images, and use a less scripting to boost the speed of your website.

Enable Compression: In high quality website development, large pages are hefty and take longer to load because their size is around about 100kb or sometimes in even more. By enabling compression, a trick by which multiple large pages can be zipped into one, you can make your website fast enough. Compression reduces HTTP response time by reducing the bandwidth of your pages.

Reduce Server Response Time: Make sure that your server response time does not exceed 200 milliseconds. If your server response time is more than 200 milliseconds, it is your duty to immediately identify the reasons why your server response time is high. It is advisable to select a quality server.

Enabling Browser Caching: The elements you visit on your website are temporarily stored on your hard drive and this process in known as caching. This protects your browser from the hassle of handling another HTTP request to load those elements as it can load them directly from your hard drive. To overcome this problem, you can enable your website’s cache as it increases the loading speed.

Minify Resources: Readymade resources / codes that help your website development are heavy and chaotic in nature; reducing a website’s load time. If this is the case with you, then you need to ensure that your page is as light as possible, and you can do this by eliminating indentations, extra spaces and line breaks.

Optimize Images: If your website includes heavy images, then website will certainly take a lot of time to load. Decrease the size of images by eliminating image comments, managing color depth level and cropping your image to equitable size. Use JPEG format to overcome this problem.

To conclude, you can optimize CSS delivery; reduce redirects and the number of plugins on your site to improve its load time.

Smartphone revolution has benefited businesses of every size – small, medium, and large. A custom mobile application development for businesses has made it easy for business owners to promote their new products, services, offers, and discounts to targeted end-users effortless. Mobile applications along with handheld devices, including smartphones, phablets, and tablets have emerged as the best marketing medium for any business.

(Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Requires a Push of Mobile Application Development in 2015)

Every business, either it belongs to the UK, Canada, Australia or the United States, is under heavy influence of the smartphone revolution. The rise of the smartphone revolution has certainly modified the rules about how easily and effectively a business can be promoted using of mobile applications. As per the data available over the web, approximately 88% of smartphone users depend on mobile applications for shopping, buying tickets and to perform other day-to-day activities, whereas, more than 12% of users depend on browsers in their smartphone. Based on the statistics, it can be easily concluded that an engaging mobile presence by any means, either application or website, is must for every business in 2015.

Mobile application development is must for every business and mobile friendly website helps them rank better in search results. According to the revised SEO guidelines by the search giant Google, mobile friendly websites will have a clear advantage over non-mobile friendly websites in the SERPs. Therefore, having a mobile friendly website and a mobile is clearly advantageous for businesses despite their size in 2015.

Here are some more reasons, why a mobile app and a mobile friendly website are essential in 2015, and they are as follows:

  • It eradicates communication barriers
  • It keeps your business active and available around the clock
  • It helps your business rank better in search results
  • It helps you enhance the quality of service and products offered by you
  • It helps you in the effective marketing of newly launched products or services
  • Most convenient way brand alive among the targeted audiences
  • It helps you offer enhanced customer service

Along all the advantages mentioned above, the duo of mobile application and mobile friendly website can help your business gain loyal customers. A custom mobile application will help you increase customer base while the mobile website will help your business rank better in search engines. Abide by countless advantages offed by mobile app and mobile friendly website; it has become vital for businesses to launch a mobile friendly website along with mobile application in 2015.

It is not too long now for the launch of Apple Watch to the consumers–the release date is April 24, 2015. The Apple Watch, yet another novel invention, is the latest creation from Apple Inc. As the name suggests, it is a watch, a smartwatch, capable of bringing a whole lot of smartness on your wrist. It integrates with, of course, iOS and other Apple services. It brings fitness tracking as well as health-oriented potentialities too. Apple Watch is certainly going to be one remarkable product, but what about its apps?

From 3.5-inch to 5.5-inch iPhone screen (first gen to the latest) and 9.7-inch to 7.9-inch iPad screen (first gen to the latest), Apple has stripped down to 1.32- and 1.4-inch screen sizes. Now this would certainly make iPhone app developers, or we can say Apple Watch app developers, rethink their app development approach.

While developing apps for Apple Watch, developers need to make radical changes in their methodology, especially the app planning or designing part. They do not want the users to take too long or get confused to find the information they desire in a particular Apple Watch app. When a user is wearing a smartwatch, they only have a moment to glance down and seek whatever they are looking for without delving through menus.

Although the Apple Watch has not hit the consumer market yet, it is presumed that the initial watch apps will largely be an extension of the current iPhone apps, delivering users with quick notifications and somewhat limited abilities. This does not mean that there will be no standalone apps. The Apple Watch’s hardware is excellent, and its operating system is exceptional, making it possible to support standalone apps.

When developers undertake an Apple Watch app development project, they need to stick to the fundamentals of “simplicity” and “minimalistic” designs. While simplicity ensures that users will be able to seek whatever they desire in the Apple Watch app easily, minimalistic design makes certain that users’ interactions will be as brief as possible with the app. The icons, texts, as well as images of the Apple Watch app should also be of the right size. The selection of right color variants is also crucial so to make the app look appealing. Further, during the Apple Watch app development, the developers also need to make sure to keep the app lightweight. Apple Watch is a small device, and they do not want to make it sluggish with heavy apps.

Apple Watch app development is not going to be easy, it is a big challenge, but it is going to be the near-future trend. The companies that will be able to start early with the Apple Watch app development should gain valuable experience in the realms of smartwatch apps. In order to begin with Apple Watch app development, the latest iOS SDK is required, which is available on Apple’s developer web site.