Apple’s annual keynote, World Wide Developers Conference, is a big software show. On this stage, every year, Apple displays innovative hardware and software that revolutionize the tech industry. This year’s World Wide Developers Conference was no different, and, as per expectation, Apple came out with tons of new surprises, including iOS 10, Siri, WatchOS, Apple TVOS, Messenger, and a lot more. However, the announcement that forced the heads to turn around was that of iOS 10. The latter is the latest version of mobile OS for iPhone and iPad with plenty of improvements and enhancements.

iOS 10 is the tenth iteration of the operating system for the iPhone and iPad with a bunch of new features. According to Craig Federighi, this is the biggest iOS release ever for them, and it is something bigger. So, let’s find out, what’s new for you in iOS 10 by Apple.

1. Brand new lock screen: Apple has completely redesigned the lock screen in the iOS 10. The latter has a new raise-to-wake feature that wakes up to display the lock screen without having to touch any buttons.

2. Siri Updates: Apple has released Siri SDK to help developers incorporate it into their apps. Now, you can talk to your apps.

3. iMessage: iMessage will have rich links inline, meaning you can play videos from YouTube or songs from Music without bailing out to another app. Bigger emojis, new effects, invisible ink, etc. are some of the top enhancements.

4. Apple Music Makeover: Everything in Apple music is clean and navigable, including a new tab for “downloaded music”.

5. More Responsive Notifications: In iOS 10 Apple included a feature that shows what’s on the phone display when you pick it up. From there, you can get more info or respond to them from the lock screen using 3D Touch.

6. Apple Photos: Apples updated Photos app now can do what Google Photos used to do. Apple’s updated Photos app include enhancements such as face recognition, object recognition, clustering & sorting by person, date, and place.

7. Prettier Maps: In iOS 10, maps received a design tweak, but more importantly, it is now available for third–party developers.

8. Siri: Siri’s going to give Apple’s QuickType keyboard a boost, bringing contextual awareness (your location, your calendar, and more) into play to provide suggested replies. If someone asks where you are, for instance, Siri can tell them for you.

9. HomeKit: Apart from an actual app called “Home”, HomeKit hasn’t received a major feature overhaul. This Home app allows you to control all of your smart home devices.

10. Delete Stock Apps: In iOS 10, you can delete the stock apps. According to Tim Cook, users are now allowed to uninstall its default apps such as calendar, mail, weather, stocks, etc.

Free iOS 10 Update
For a free iOS 10 update, iPhone and iPad users have to wait until this fall. Owners of following devices can upgrade to iOS 10: iPhone 5 and higher, iPod touch 6th gen, iPad mini 2 and higher, and iPad 4th generation and the subsequent iPad Air and iPad Pro models.

iOS 10 App Compatibility Check and Development Services
Looking at the potential of iOS 10, iPhone and iPad app development companies are gearing up to offer iOS 10 app development services in the near future. Moreover, there are some companies preparing themselves to offer a free iOS 10 application compatibility check, and Concept Infoway is one of them. For a iOS app compatibility check, or to upgrade your existing app to iOS 10, please contact us at

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Remember your first date? You had a clean shave, tidy hair, pressed clothes – right? What was the purpose of all that? To make a striking first impression – right? Believe it or not, first impressions matter a lot.

The landing page is just like your first date. By coming to the landing page, a customer has decided to give you the change. If the landing page looks untidy and unattractive, no matter how good your products or services are, the customer will leave. No matter what type of business you have, web visitors expect to be charmed by your online presence.

So, how can you create a solid first impression? Well, the answer is with a carefully-designed landing page. A landing page should be able to capture the visitor’s attention, keep them interested, and motivate them to perform an action. Let us understand these aspects in a little more detail.

Capture the Attention
The landing page design should please the eyes of the visitors. Do not overwhelm them with heavy literature without any illustrations. Instead, use neat imagery to express your message. Professional photos and suitable color schemes are vital to achieving a smart landing design that will not scare a web visitor away. Hire a web design company that actually has experienced and creative web designers who know how to design beautiful images and blend appropriate colors and photos in order to build a captivating landing page.

The content of the landing page should be bulleted. Bullets, not the actual projectiles but the short paragraphs, make the content of your landing page easy to read and understand. Long, untidy content creates confusion and will turn off a web visitor. On the other hand, content that has been divided into points will maintain the interest of a web visitor and may inspire an action.

The landing page should fulfill its promise. Visitors come to the landing page by clicking on the link or an ad on the search engine results page, social networking sites, or other websites. This link or ad has a short description that motivates the visitors to click it. Ensure that the description matches with what the landing page is offering. For instance, if you are advertising the best iPhone app development services, do not try to sell Android app development services on your landing page. It is a kind of misleading, and no one likes to be misled.

Keep them Interested
It only takes several seconds to impress the web visitor. Believe it, the average web surfer has an attention span as short as mere eight seconds. In the light of this, test your landing page by having someone look at it for ten seconds. If you cannot keep them on the landing page for at least ten seconds, then you probably need to make some serious changes. Find you what distracted them. Was it the slow-to-load animation? Was it the fast-rotating testimonials? Was it the weird call-to-action button? Or totally something else? Keep making the changes and keep testing the landing page until you get it right.

The landing page should not have any navigation. There is no need to include any breadcrumbs, arrow keys, or horizontal and vertical scrollbars. The landing page should NOT have any navigation elements at all. A landing page is not a one-page responsive website design. The sole purpose of the landing page is to make the customer click on “call to action” button. Anything else that is clickable on the landing page is just a distraction.

Keep the form on the landing page simple. You are not taking a survey through your landing page, so be sure to limit the fields you ask your customers to fill out. Besides, these days, the majority of people access the web through smartphone devices thanks to the explosion of mobile app development; however, filling out long details through a cramped touchscreen keyboard on a smartphone can be frustrating for many visitors.

Incite Action
The landing page should create some cues. Every aspect of the landing page should be geared towards making the visitor click on the call to action button. Channel the visitor’s eyes, visually, through neat graphics, towards the call to action button. Static arrows are one obvious way, but you can be more creative, like including photographs or images of real people directing the gaze of the visitors towards the call to action button.

To incite the action, the landing page should spell it out to the visitors. The call to action button should not be a “>” or “” icon. Instead, it should clearly spell out “Submit.” Rather, be more effective and creative; if you have promised the best rate, your call to button should read “Save!” To trigger the motivation to click the call to action button, use phrases like, “Save Now,” “Save Today,” “Get The Benefit,” etc.

Be sure that the call to action button is really a button. Well, it is quite obvious, but most of the times, simple things can break the deal. You need to ensure that the call to action button on your landing page stands out, and is clearly clickable. You do not want your visitors guessing where to click or tap – right? Aside from a clear clickable button, it should also be functional. After wasting time and filling in the details, if an error occurs by clicking the button, it will obviously pique the visitor. Therefore, double check, triple check, or check multiple times to ensure that the call to action button works without any error.

Well, that is all. When designing the landing page or getting the landing page designed by a web design company, ensure to keep the above aspects in mind. Designing a landing page costs money, so don’t let it go to waste. Be sure that your landing page is carefully designed.

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Search Engine Optimization is for all. Whatever is the size of your business or whatever industry your business belongs to, professional search engine optimization services guarantee better ROI. If you have a business, either selling a product or offering a service, there is someone at the other end of the web actively searching for it. Professional search engine optimization services ensure that your customers find your product and service when they need it. With an effective SEO strategy in place, potential customers can search for relevant terms in search engines that draw them towards your business.

If you are a dentist, a restaurant owner, a pet service provider or anyone else looking forward to increasing the brand image and the visibility of your online business, then contact Concept Infoway for industry specific search engine optimization services. By industry specific, we mean to provide SEO services targeting your specific customer base focusing on crucial aspects such as what your customers search for, how do they search, their behavior towards specific search terms, what time is best to interact with the customers, etc. This helps us summarize rewarding SEO strategy for your business and market.

At Concept Infoway, we have a team of SEO professionals with years of industry experience. Our team has the experience of optimizing the websites for various industries. Our tailored SEO packages have everything you need to get consistently positive results – from copywriting to social media marketing and from link building to business branding. Whether you want to improve the visibility of your local business or want more potential traffic towards your ecommerce website. We have time-tested methods to meet your requirements.

Here’s the list of some of the industries we serve, and they are:

Beauty Industry Health and Fitness
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Medical and Bio-Medical Electronics

Our years of SEO experience have gained us valuable insight into the industry specific SEO methods to help our clients target their customers and overcome the competition. Our industry specific search engine optimization services are not only designed to increase traffic to your website but also guarantee higher sales and better ROI. With our internet marketing services, you will enjoy increased web traffic, higher conversion rate, and soaring sales.

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When it comes to creating an online store, it will be in your best interest to seek out the best e-commerce developers. Seasoned e-commerce developers know all the ins and outs of e-commerce development, and they can craft the best solution that matches your unique needs. Finding and selecting the best e-commerce specialists or an e-commerce development company having skilled e-commerce experts are challenging, but it is vital to the success of your online store. Here are some aspects that you should consider while hiring a particular e-commerce development company.

E-commerce Specialization

Any web design and development company can build an e-commerce site, but such a site will just be an ordinary site. Instead, select a web design and development company that specializes specifically in e-commerce development. An e-commerce site has numerous features, ranging from eye-pleasing product galleries to shopping carts to multiple payment options and more. For a web development company that specializes in e-commerce development, building e-commerce features is a piece of cake. For those web development companies that do not specialize in e-commerce, developing features will cause some hiccups. Needless to say, hiccups will almost certainly cause delays and waste of money and effort.

Competitive Rates

Before finalizing an e-commerce development company, find out about how much money it will charge for developing an online store. The cost of e-commerce development definitely varies from company to company. Nevertheless, some companies will offer a price quote that includes the cost of additional services like web hosting, graphic designing, copywriting, basic SEO, etc. You should request quotes from different companies and choose the one that offers you the best value for your money.


When it comes to e-commerce development, it is not always Magento! Although many e-commerce consultants advise Magento, you should certainly explore other development platforms. Aside from Magento e-commerce development, there is Zen Cart development, Joomla e-commerce development, Shopify development, and more. Other e-commerce platforms may offer features that Magento lacks. Besides, other platforms could be economical as well. For that reason, it would be a good idea to select an e-commerce development company that specializes in building online store solutions using different e-commerce platforms.

Sample Work

No matter if the company specializes in e-commerce development, offers best price quote, and has expertise on different platforms, you actually need to see its past work. After all, how would you be able to judge the quality of its work without seeing some of their previous projects? Ask the company to show you some samples of its previous projects, so that you can form an idea about the quality of work it offers.

Maintenance Service

It does not end by getting a beautiful e-commerce website. In order to keep your website performing seamlessly well, you need to maintain it from time to time. Maintaining an e-commerce site on your own is no walk in the park. For e-commerce developers, however, it is quite easy to maintain your site, upgrade its platform, apply security patches, and so on. Instead of finding experienced developers later on, which could be expensive by the way, clarify about the maintenance procedure with the company you decide to hire. Most reputable e-commerce development companies do provide after sale maintenance service, which is quite economical than hiring a new company or developers for maintenance.

Searching for a good e-commerce development company? We are one of the leading web design and development companies in India, and we specialize in e-commerce development. Our experienced e-commerce developers have expertise in various e-commerce platforms, and can help you build exceptional online store solution. Our e-commerce development cost is competitive and so is our maintenance service.

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Taxis are certainly a very important part of our transport system. Many people completely rely on this very old transport system. Considering the number of people relying on this kind of transport system every day, the demand for taxi services is rising steadily. In the light of the rising demand, many taxi businesses have established, which constantly compete with each other to offer the best services to their customers. Each of these taxi companies is trying to incorporate one unique feature into their services, which would give them an edge over their competitors. This is where taxi app development services come into picture which aim at building advanced taxi booking and dispatch solution as well as taxi apps.

A taxi booking and dispatch software is a comprehensive solution to run smooth and successful taxi services. Such a taxi management system takes care of everything, from showing the available cabs to bookings, payments, post use services and everything in between. Utilizing such a cab booking and dispatch software renders benefits to both the customers and taxi companies.

Let us look at how such a taxi booking and dispatch system is currently making things easier for the customers.

Easy-to-install apps

The easy-to-install taxi apps bring in a great ease of usage for the riders. In the current era, where everyone uses the smartphone at all the times, taxi apps come in really handy. Taxi apps are supported by all sorts of Android, iOS, and Windows devices, and therefore, they are accessible to almost all the smartphone users. With just a few clicks on the taxi app, you will have a taxi at your door. Using these taxi apps to make the booking is fairly easy.

Customer engagement

Typically, taxi booking and dispatch software applications are designed to entice more customers for the taxi companies. The more advanced and user-friendly the system is, the greater are the changes to make the customers use the same service next time. Simplicity is the key here. Custom taxi booking and dispatch systems are some of the simplest and convenient solutions available on the market today for the taxi companies.

Easy payments

Customers now do not need to carry cash! The taxi booking software comes with very easy payment solutions where fares can be paid through debit or credit cards. Customers can also use online payment wallets, which are linked to their accounts to make swift payments. Drivers also have the benefits of easily accepting the secure payments and picking up customers even when they travel without any cash!

Exceptional dispatch system

A taxi dispatch software is designed to efficiently dispatch the nearest available taxi to pick up the customer. This enables a taxi quickly available to the customers and saves substantial time on the drivers’ end as well. Overall, an advanced taxi dispatch system is a beneficial investment for the taxi companies.

Do you own a taxi company? Do you want an advanced taxi booking and taxi dispatch software for your business? Are you seeking for skilled taxi app developers? We are a leading software development company, and we provide exceptional taxi app development services that are geared toward building excellent taxi booking and dispatch software applications. Our skilled taxi app developers will help you build an advanced taxi booking and dispatch solution that will be cloud-based and high in performance. Our taxi app developers will also help you build amazing taxi apps to complement your taxi booking and dispatch software.

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Is it too late to adopt a responsive web design (RWD) for your site? Well, the simple answer is, no. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t wait any longer to adopt a responsive web design for your website.

For those who are not aware of what a responsive web design is, let me explain. A responsive web design a contemporary web design approach that aims at designing and developing websites in such a way that they offer an optimal viewing as well as interaction experience to the web visitors across a range of devices. In simpler words, a site with responsive web design is the one that offers a uniform user-experience to visitors accessing it from desktops, laptops, smartphones, or tablets.

A responsive web design adapts its layout, whether it is accessed from an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, desktop, or laptop, in order to present the web visitors an ideal viewing experience. The adaptation of the layout of a site with responsive web design is spontaneous. The images, content, media, and other elements of the website shrink or grow smoothly and seamlessly. What’s the benefit of this? Well, with a single RWD website, you allow the potential customers across a diverse range of devices to access, browse, and interact with it, easily. You eliminate the need for separate websites, for instance, a website for mobile devices and a website for tablet devices, and still reach out to visitors across desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablet devices. This not only saves costs on the development new websites, but it also eliminates the need to manage different websites.

It is still not too late to go for a responsive web design. But, the longer you wait, the more opportunities you will miss targeting your potential customers. The proportion of smartphone and tablet users is increasing and the way the web visitors are accessing the websites is getting more diverse. Adopting a responsive web design for your site now will certainly be worthwhile. You will have the power to target a large proportion of visitors, accessing websites from a range of devices.

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Having a responsive business website is great. You can efficiently reach out to customers on desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. So, despite having a beautiful responsive website, would it make sense to get a mobile app developed? Well, read on to find out.

The potential of mobile apps
Mobile apps, whether iPhone, Android or Cross-Platform, have added benefits over responsive web designs. A website with responsive web design, no doubt, delivers uniform user-experience across a diverse range of devices with different screen sizes and orientations. However, a website with responsive web design still lacks certain useful features. For instance:

• A responsive website does not allow a customer to directly take a picture of a product and share it via social channels.

• It does not effectively notify a potential customer about a sale the moment he or she lands on the site. This is especially true when a responsive website is accessed from a mobile device.

• It does not give a customer the chance to leave a review easily. Of course, a customer can leave a review about a product, but when he or she is on a mobile device, the process of leaving a review can be cumbersome.

• It does not give the details about the customer immediately. The business will know about the customer only after he or she logs in. On the contrary, in a mobile app, customers are always logged in; hence, when they open the app to shop whatever they desire, the business will immediately know all the details about the customers. Knowing about the customers helps personalize their shopping experience.

• It does not offer swift checkout, especially when the site is accessed via mobile devices. Besides, there are minor chances (not always) of glitches during the checkouts, which may turn off the potential customers.

As mentioned above, a website with responsive web design offers a uniform user-experience across different devices, but at the end, it is still a browser-based platform. For delivering information, a responsive web design will do great, but for selling stuff, a mobile app seems more valuable.

A mobile app allows a customer to take a picture of a product and share it via social media spontaneously. It effectively notifies about a sale the moment a potential customer opens the app. It makes the product review process substantially easy for the customers. It gives details, about the customer instantly. It facilitates swift and secure checkouts, and offers many features that a website with responsive web design lacks.

To conclude, despite having a responsive website, it is still worthwhile to invest in a mobile app. Responsive websites are great for delivering information about the business, but mobile apps are extremely useful for selling products online.

Need mobile app solutions to complement your business website? Just contact us at We are mobile app development specialists in India, with specialization in iPhone app development, Android app development, Windows app development and Cross-Platform app development. Our experienced mobile app developers can help you build beautiful apps that will bring value to your business. To learn more, visit

Do you own an ecommerce site? If yes, then that is great. You have the power to sell stuff online. These days, more and more people prefer to buy products and services online. Why? Because it is radically convenient. Just a few clicks, and the consumer will have whatever he or she desires in matter of few days, and in many cases, in matter of hours! What’s more, the consumer will have the item delivered right at his or her door step. Ecommerce has truly revolutionized how people shop these days.

There is one more thing that you can do to your ecommerce site, which could substantially improve your sales: mobile commerce or simply m-commerce. M-commerce is nothing but giving a power to the potential consumers to acquire or buy things right from their pocket. In other words, M-commerce is a part of e-commerce wherein instead of desktop or laptop computers, people use smartphones and tablets to browse and buy products and services. An M-commerce can either be a responsive web design or a mobile app; it can be both as well.

Why should you care about M-commerce?

There are several reasons why you should care about M-commerce. Nevertheless, check out top-3 reasons why you should care more about M-commerce

Reason 1. Increase in mobile, i.e. smartphone and tablet, users. Today, umpteen number of people own and use smartphones and tablets. The number of smartphone and tablet users in the developing countries are also significant. These smartphone and tablet users are still growing, and ignoring them will certainly be a big loss to a business.

Reason 2. M-commerce is the trend. In 2015, the mobile commerce sales in the US alone were around $104 billion. This figure shows that more and more people today are making transactions, i.e. buying stuff, with their smart mobile devices. Experts believe this figure to increase this year. Ignoring the trend again can be a big loss to a business.

Reason 3. Increase in visitors due to mobile friendliness. Mobiles have become an indispensable part of many people’s life. Most people spend a considerable amount of time on their mobile devices. When these people get easy and convenient access to ecommerce right through their mobile devices, it is obvious that they will use this medium more than other medium, like PC or laptop. M-commerce, whether it is an e-commerce mobile app or responsive e-commerce website, delivers rich shopping experience. And when people get rich shopping experience, they will come back for more and more, which will eventually result in more sales for a business.

Adopting M-commerce is certainly beneficial. It is in trend, and it definitely helps drive more sales.

Need help with M-commerce? Just contact us at We are ecommerce specialists in India, and can help you with exceptional M-commerce solutions. Whether you need a neat responsive e-commerce website that can render seamlessly across diverse mobile devices or a beautiful ecommerce app that can deliver exceptional shopping experience to the users, we can deliver it. To learn more, visit

Now managing interaction with your current and future clients and customers will be easy thanks to the custom CRM solutions. If you are a mid to large-sized company, managing constant interaction with your clients or customers is essential. Failing to interact with the customers on a constant basis can deter the relationship. Customers will feel ignored, and thus, will stop doing business with the company. This will eventually affect the sales.

To avoid such a business catastrophe, companies need to improve their interaction with the customers. To help improve the interaction, companies can utilize customer relationship management or CRM solutions. A CRM solution helps centralize customer info, automate sales, promotion, and customer support, as well as provide business intelligence and ease communication for better productivity. With these functions of a CRM system, a company can improve its business relationship with the customers, and eventually, improve their its sales figure.

Many off-the-shelf CRM solutions are available on the market today. But since a company is unique, it should opt for custom CRM solutions. Off-the-shelf CRM solutions may lack many of the required features. They may also have many features that the company may not require. Custom CRM solutions, on the other hand, are specifically developed keeping the company’s unique requirements in mind. They are scalable as well, meaning when a company needs extra features, the CRM development company can develop those features and integrate them into the existing custom CRM quite easily. A custom CRM software can be the best solution for any company wanting to manage its interaction seamlessly with its clients and customers.

Some of the excellent features that a company can expect from a custom CRM system are as follow:

• Easy contact management
• Easy document management
• Invoice management
• Inventory management
• Lead generation tools
• Lead follow-up tools
• Email marketing tools
• Sales quote management
• Workflow automation tools
• Sales automation tools
• Employee management
• Performance management
• And more…

There are several good custom CRM development companies across the globe, and Concept Infoway Pvt. Ltd. is one of them. A Microsoft Gold Certified, Application Development Partner, Concept Infoway Pvt. Ltd. has years of experience in custom software development and CRM development. Utilizing the latest technologies and accumulated industrial knowledge, Concept Infoway Pvt. Ltd. develops exceptional CRM solutions based on clients’ unique requirements.
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On April 18, 2016, Apple officially confirmed that it will organize its 27th annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) from June 13 through 17 in San Francisco. The motive behind holding such a conspicuous tech-event is to introduce the most creative brains behind the world’s most innovative apps. Developers from all corners of the world join the stage to learn about the future of Apple’s four software platforms – iOS, OS X, watchOS and tVOS

While addressing the media, Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, said, “With four innovative operating systems and a new, intuitive programming language powering over 1 billion devices worldwide, there has never been a more exciting time to bring our developer community together,”. With high confidence in his voice, he further added, “WWDC 2016 is going to be a landmark event for developers who are coding in Swift, and building apps and products for iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS. We can’t wait for everyone to join us — in San Francisco or through the live stream.”

Earlier today, Siri also leaked the dates for Apple’s WWDC, later on; company officially confirmed the date, time and place of the event. The 27th WWDC will kick off on 13th June and will fun until June 17th in San Francisco. The cost of the tickets for the event is $1,599 per developer, but not every interested developer will get to go.

If you are planning to attend the event, then you can apply for tickets via the WWDC website ( now through Friday, April 22 at 10:00 a.m. PDT. Tickets will be issued to attendees through a random selection process, and developers will be notified on the status of their application by Monday, April 25 at 5:00 p.m. PDT.

For those who are unable to make it to WWDC, June 2016, Worldwide Developers Conference sessions will be streamed live through the week via the WWDC website ( and through the WWDC app, giving developers around the world access to the week’s news and events.

For updates and more information, please visit the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2016 website (