Smartphone revolution has benefited businesses of every size – small, medium, and large. A custom mobile application development for businesses has made it easy for business owners to promote their new products, services, offers, and discounts to targeted end-users effortless. Mobile applications along with handheld devices, including smartphones, phablets, and tablets have emerged as the best marketing medium for any business.

(Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Requires a Push of Mobile Application Development in 2015)

Every business, either it belongs to the UK, Canada, Australia or the United States, is under heavy influence of the smartphone revolution. The rise of the smartphone revolution has certainly modified the rules about how easily and effectively a business can be promoted using of mobile applications. As per the data available over the web, approximately 88% of smartphone users depend on mobile applications for shopping, buying tickets and to perform other day-to-day activities, whereas, more than 12% of users depend on browsers in their smartphone. Based on the statistics, it can be easily concluded that an engaging mobile presence by any means, either application or website, is must for every business in 2015.

Mobile application development is must for every business and mobile friendly website helps them rank better in search results. According to the revised SEO guidelines by the search giant Google, mobile friendly websites will have a clear advantage over non-mobile friendly websites in the SERPs. Therefore, having a mobile friendly website and a mobile is clearly advantageous for businesses despite their size in 2015.

Here are some more reasons, why a mobile app and a mobile friendly website are essential in 2015, and they are as follows:

  • It eradicates communication barriers
  • It keeps your business active and available around the clock
  • It helps your business rank better in search results
  • It helps you enhance the quality of service and products offered by you
  • It helps you in the effective marketing of newly launched products or services
  • Most convenient way brand alive among the targeted audiences
  • It helps you offer enhanced customer service

Along all the advantages mentioned above, the duo of mobile application and mobile friendly website can help your business gain loyal customers. A custom mobile application will help you increase customer base while the mobile website will help your business rank better in search engines. Abide by countless advantages offed by mobile app and mobile friendly website; it has become vital for businesses to launch a mobile friendly website along with mobile application in 2015.

It is not too long now for the launch of Apple Watch to the consumers–the release date is April 24, 2015. The Apple Watch, yet another novel invention, is the latest creation from Apple Inc. As the name suggests, it is a watch, a smartwatch, capable of bringing a whole lot of smartness on your wrist. It integrates with, of course, iOS and other Apple services. It brings fitness tracking as well as health-oriented potentialities too. Apple Watch is certainly going to be one remarkable product, but what about its apps?

From 3.5-inch to 5.5-inch iPhone screen (first gen to the latest) and 9.7-inch to 7.9-inch iPad screen (first gen to the latest), Apple has stripped down to 1.32- and 1.4-inch screen sizes. Now this would certainly make iPhone app developers, or we can say Apple Watch app developers, rethink their app development approach.

While developing apps for Apple Watch, developers need to make radical changes in their methodology, especially the app planning or designing part. They do not want the users to take too long or get confused to find the information they desire in a particular Apple Watch app. When a user is wearing a smartwatch, they only have a moment to glance down and seek whatever they are looking for without delving through menus.

Although the Apple Watch has not hit the consumer market yet, it is presumed that the initial watch apps will largely be an extension of the current iPhone apps, delivering users with quick notifications and somewhat limited abilities. This does not mean that there will be no standalone apps. The Apple Watch’s hardware is excellent, and its operating system is exceptional, making it possible to support standalone apps.

When developers undertake an Apple Watch app development project, they need to stick to the fundamentals of “simplicity” and “minimalistic” designs. While simplicity ensures that users will be able to seek whatever they desire in the Apple Watch app easily, minimalistic design makes certain that users’ interactions will be as brief as possible with the app. The icons, texts, as well as images of the Apple Watch app should also be of the right size. The selection of right color variants is also crucial so to make the app look appealing. Further, during the Apple Watch app development, the developers also need to make sure to keep the app lightweight. Apple Watch is a small device, and they do not want to make it sluggish with heavy apps.

Apple Watch app development is not going to be easy, it is a big challenge, but it is going to be the near-future trend. The companies that will be able to start early with the Apple Watch app development should gain valuable experience in the realms of smartwatch apps. In order to begin with Apple Watch app development, the latest iOS SDK is required, which is available on Apple’s developer web site.

Are you searching for a new way to keep up with the rising demands of your customers? Give mobile application development for your business a shot. There are plenty of reasons to Why Your Business Requires a Push of Mobile Application Development in 2015. Today, more than 80% of customers prefer dedicated mobile applications over traditional mobile websites. Mobile apps are the most convenient way to stay in touch with your customers and please them by offering them what they want straight away. In the age of smartphones, where everything in demand is at the touch of fingertips, (as a responsible business owner), you require a bespoke mobile application for your business to sustain and flourish in the market.

2015 is turning out to be a massive year for the mobile market. As per the statistics available, last year, mobile apps single-handedly dominated the mobile web, accounting for 86% of the mobile usage. Owning a dedicated mobile application for your business is no more a style status or a luxury, but a necessity. If you are planning to develop a mobile app with the help of a mobile application development company, then here are some advice on where and how to start your voyage.

Do your research

Do plenty of research before you begin the process of designing your app, as it will help you determine your business’s and your customers’ requirements. There is a bucket full of factors you need to consider before taking the time to invest in a mobile app for your business. However, you should judge your target audience to conclude what kind of application will be an ideal solution for your company.

Nowadays, end users prefer mobile applications that place improved efficiency in the palm of their hands. Don’t create a mobile application just because your competitor has one or just for the sake of having a mobile app for your business, instead, concentrate on developing a solution that solves your end-users problems or fulfills their requirements.

Another point to consider is how you will make your app unique amid thousands of identical applications already available in the market. Design an app that brings real value to your customers. Create an application that your customers turn to on a regular basis, as it can improve customer engagement and satisfaction. Don’t stuff your app with unwanted features. Try to keep it simple by including features that are required.

Whether to go with iOS, Android or Windows?

In the world of smartphone, Android and iOS are two dominating players. Together, both of them account for more than 90% of the mobile market. Unfortunately, due to budget constraints, business owners face the difficult choice of choosing between the two. However, with the advancement in the mobile technology, cross platform mobile application development has emerged as the best answer to many problems.

Moreover, if you still plan to develop an app for a dedicated platform, ensure that you place the user experience first before any other aspect. Create a best looking and flawlessly working mobile app for your business.

Find the Best Team of Mobile Application Developers

Once you have gathered all the necessary information, the next and the most important step is to find the best team of mobile app developers having enough experience, understanding of mobile trends, and techniques to develop your app in no time. Professional mobile developers will not only ensure that your app is technically sound, but also that it offers end-users with the simplified design they are searching for on their mobile devices.

Before hiring a mobile app development company or a team of mobile developers, don’t forget to check out their portfolio of work.

Marketing Your New App

Once your application is developed, it is time to start advertising it to your end-users. At the entry level, focus on smaller markets, as it will help you gain traction. This type test market will help you ensure that all the kinks are solved before the major launch.

For a non-techie individual, Mobile Application Development is not at all an easygoing process. The business app you plan to develop has to be user-centric as well as competition ready to rewrite the new stories of success. Concept Infoway is an offshore mobile application development company, focusing on creating mobile applications based on the latest design and programming techniques.

PHP does not need an introduction. When you seek out for a web solution, most companies, whether in USA, India, UK, Australia or anywhere else will first recommend PHP. If you ask them why you should choose PHP, they will just say that PHP development is affordable, and the platform is capable of delivering excellent web solutions. That’s it? Is that all there is to PHP development? And, by the way, what does excellent web solutions, mean?

(There are plenty of reasons to why one should consider PHP for thriving web solutions.)

In simple terms, PHP is a web language. By web language, I mean a language that helps build websites and web app. Further, it is open-sourced, meaning, anyone can download the PHP’s source code, use it to build websites or web apps, and make a profit without paying a penny to the creator of PHP or the PHP Group. Oh, the PHP Group is a faction of people who develop and maintain the PHP source code.

PHP is a very simple language for building websites. In fact, one can clearly read and understand the source code of a website that is built with PHP. Despite being simple, it is powerful enough to create complex websites, as well as web apps. Complex websites and web apps bring us back to the above question, “what does excellent web solutions, mean?” Excellent web solutions mean websites and web apps that are:

  • Fast (incredibly fast to process requests)
  • Versatile (able to maintain the performance, regardless the load)
  • Functional (ability to harbor all the necessary features)
  • SEO-friendly (being good to search engine crawlers)
  • Scalable (so that when business grows, the website or web app grows as well)

With PHP development, from experienced developers only, creating the so-called excellent web solutions is possible. Take the examples of Facebook and Wikipedia. They are excellent websites with ginormous traffic at all the time. How often have we heard that Facebook is down, or Wikipedia is down? Rarely, I am sure. It is not that they are looking for an affordable platform for their web solutions; it is just that they need a reliable platform for their web solutions. They trust PHP. Besides, PHP works great with numerous databases, making it possible building data-driven, high-performance websites.

One rare benefit of web solutions via PHP development, which many people overlook, is that easy availability of resources. Suppose you already have a PHP-based website and need to enhance its features, but you are not happy with your current developers. In such a case, you can easily change your PHP developers…shift to another PHP development company. Plenty and I mean plenty of PHP development companies have established in India, USA, UK, Australia and other places. You can easily find and contract with any of these companies, should you have to forsake your current one. Of course, the prices difference may exist, but not of a great magnitude. Further, because PHP is a simple language, it will not be a big hassle for the new company to understand your existing website and amend the required changes.

There is one more thing about PHP. It can deliver solutions quickly. Some geniuses, fortunately, have developed the building blocks using PHP through which developers can quickly build websites, as well as web apps. These building blocks are in the form of software frameworks. While software frameworks like CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, etc. facilitate rapid application development, software frameworks such as WordPress, Drupal, SilverStripe, etc. assist in rapid CMS (content management system) website development. Of course, there are PHP frameworks that aid in the quick development of e-commerce sites as well. Using software frameworks like Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento, etc., PHP developers in India, USA, Australia, UK, and elsewhere can build excellent e-commerce sites, quickly and easily.

To conclude, PHP is a very matured platform. Whatever the reasons the PHP development companies in India, Australia, UK, USA, or anywhere else provide about choosing this platform, it is not a poor decision to select PHP for your web solution requirements.

Every time, the readily available software and web applications may not necessarily serve your business purposes. Hence, in such scenarios, you have to go for custom software development to meet the evolving needs arising from your customers and budding work procedures. Custom software development offers a ton of advantages over readily business software and web applications offered in the market. It becomes more rewarding for your business when you opt for custom software development with a powerful platform such as ASP.NET.

Here are top business advantages of custom software development with, and they are as follows:

The popularity of custom software development with has grown exponentially in the last few years for a number of different reasons.

  • More Productivity – A custom software developed as per business requirements, undoubtedly increases the productivity. It breaks complex business processes into smaller fragments so that the deliverables are completed in shorter iterations. Furthermore, it ensures that the professionals don’t get distracted and stays focused on the project, and when the problem arises, they are more identified and solved quickly.
  • Increased Morale of Programmers – There are programmers who love to accomplish their tasks into smaller achievable fragments, rather than huge overwhelming tasks that may lack clarification. This assist programmers in identifying accomplishments and better measure progress, which tends to surge overall morale both individually and on a team.
  • Enhanced Communication – Custom software development improves communication between the business partners and other professionals involved in a project. Flawless and enhanced communication creates to solid team bonds and project clarity.
  • High-Quality End Product – A custom software divides a large project into smaller units that are easier to test and validate along the way. This leads to fewer errors and higher overall quality.

Custom software development with ASP.NET yields some more advantages for business leaders, project managers, software developers and many others. If you are in need of a custom software for the smooth functioning of your business processes, then feel free to share your requirements with our developers. You can also contact us to know, Why ASP.NET Development is More Rewarding for Businesses in the USA, UK, and Australia.

Well, The Wait is Over! The most anticipated, the most awaited, and the gem among the watch are finally here to decorate your wrist, but with a hefty price tag. Putting an end to all the speculations, guesses, and rumors over the web associated with its Watch, the tech giant Apple has just wrapped up its big Apple Watch and as predicted, the company publicized more information about the hardware of its first smartwatch.

The Apple Watch’s specs:

  • Different sizes: 38mm and 42mm: 38 mm: 21.2 x 26.5 mm, 33.5 mm (1.32 in) diagonally, 272 x 340 pixels, 42 mm: 24.3 x 30.5 mm, 39 mm (1.5 in) diagonally, 312 x 390 pixels
  • Available versions: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition complete with a variety of strap choices for each model
  • Square in shape
  • Retina touchscreen display with Force Touch, and sapphire glass or Ion-X glass cover depending on model
  • Taptic Engine and built-in speaker for instant tactile feedback
  • Custom S1 SiP (System in Package) chip
  • Sensors: accelerometer, built-in heart rate sensor
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • NFC support (for Apple Pay payments)
  • Digital Crown Home button
  • 18-hours battery life and MagSafe charging
  • Compatibility: iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus
  • Apple Pay and Siri support

Comparison of Apple Watch with Competitors’ Smartwatches

Undoubtedly, Apple Watch has the fares to stand against the competition and competitors having a few years of experience in the space. Here is the chart showing how Apple Watch stacks itself against the rest of the smartwatches in the space.

Availability and Prices of Apple Watch

Apple has announced that its highly anticipated Apple Watch will be available on April 24 in nine countries, including China, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, France, Germany, the UK, Japan, and the USA by registrations.

For our readers, here is the list of recommended retail prices for each Apple Watch by country:

The prices of Apple Watch are comparatively more expensive than competitors’ smartwatches offered in the market. The Android Wear and Pebble Time, for instance, are priced between $199 to $299.

Note: Pre-orders for the device will open on April 10.


Apple Watch is a revolutionary product, but its price tag may affect its sales. The Apple Watch can emerge as the device that brings the smartwatch to the masses and gets the wearable revolution revolving.

“Why my website’s keywords rankings start degrading, and why am I still unable to regain the rankings?” – This was the question I came across last week, when one of our old client get back to us with the same.

2011-12 – We were doing the SEO

The story goes something like this; back in 2011-12, we were taking care of the SEO campaign for our client. During then, we used to take care of all the SEO activities such as Article Writing, Article Submissions, Press Release Writing & Submissions, Backlink generation, and much more… all adhering in respect with the SEO, and guidelines as recommended by Google during then. The website was soon able to get first page rankings for almost all the keywords, which were about 5 to 6. Again, the keywords were quite generic with stiff competition, yet the SEO strategy in place, during then, was placed and implemented extremely well, which thereby helped to get the desired results.

Switch for a (Possibly) Cheaper Option

Overall, everything went well, yet once the SEO plan / contract duration of 1 year was completed, the client wished to stop the services with us (Yes, despite of the fair good rankings). One of the main reason was the pricing, wherein the client was able to search for some better options. The client was right in his part, as almost every individual has a psychology to opt or at least go through the cheaper option once. Additionally, during the time, when we were working on the SEO for the client, the client has done a lot of research on the SEO, and had also asked / verified the same with us, wherein we had given several inputs / suggestions, overall our SEO strategy in much detail that could eventually help to increase the rankings.

Applied same SEO Strategy, yet no results

Suddenly, last week, the client approach us that despite of him doing almost everything that we used to do for him for the SEO, the website’s rankings are degrading, and he is still unable to regain them. The client also added that he modified his SEO strategy as well, and is now currently opting for Blog Content Writing / Submissions, and a few other activities, yet to no avail. The client admitted that he had made the mistake in opting for a different vendor and / or trying something on your own, which may have affected the overall SEO performance, yet now, was seeking for a solution.

Root Cause

Client approaching us after an absence of almost 2-2.5 years with a genuine concern, it was a challenge for us to first of all identify the root cause, why the rankings are degrading and why there is no improvement at all. We quickly ran through some basic SEO checks, and came across that the client had kept on doing the old SEO activities such as bulk article & press release writings & submissions, bulk back linking, and so on. All these ongoing activities has penalized the website, as it contradict the later Google updates, which was released in 2012-13, wherein the Google has recommended to not to pursue with these activities. Besides, the activities the client was doing currently includes guest blogging, which again was no longer supported by Google. Overall, these activities were working previously during the time, when we were doing SEO for the clients, yet google now no longer supports it. The client acquiring the SEO knowledge from us during then, continuing plying the same activities with almost no changes in the SEO strategy adhering to the Google updates. This ultimately had cost the website and its overall SEO performance a lot.

As the next steps

We informed the client that what might have went wrong, which may have resulted in the degradation of rankings, and no progress. We plan out the strategy, wherein we informed that the first thing that should be taken care of is the removal of all the old links, manually, as well as via Google Disavow Tool. We also informed upfront that this would take nearly around 4-5 months from Google’s end to remove all such dead / bad links. Simultaneously, we have to work on the new SEO strategy, adhering to the Google updates, which includes:

  • Blog writing & submission on the website’s dedicated blog site
  • Blog sharing on social media channels
  • Info-graphics Creation & Sharing
  • YouTube Video creation & sharing
  • Slidesharing
  • And more…

Most importantly, we informed the client that SEO is a process, which has never been in 100% control of the SEO companies. It always depends upon the frequent and ongoing search engine updates by Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In order to provide the best SEO and Effective Search Engine Optimization service, and in order to keep the rankings up-to-date, it is important for any SEO firm to be updated with all the search engine updates, and keep on changing the SEO strategy accordingly.

It is certainly not a poor choice to consider PHP if you are looking for robust quality and versatile web solutions. PHP has the capability to deliver excellent solutions, whether it is for websites or custom web apps. PHP doesn’t need introduction, but if you need a brief, then here it is – PHP is a general purpose, open source scripting language that facilitates in web development. It is highly versatile, can work with most web servers and supports different databases.

Because of its high versatility, PHP powers more than 244 million websites, including the high-traffic, popular websites like Wikipedia, Facebook and Twitter. One of the most significant things to note about PHP is its ability to deliver web solutions quickly. There are many free building blocks available, in the form of web application frameworks. Using these web application frameworks, PHP developers can build dynamic, data-driven websites swiftly. Some widely popular PHP-based web application frameworks are CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Joomla, Laravel, Symfony, and TYPO3.

Today, in order to thrive in the fierce competition, business owners need to keep their website or to be more specific website information, updated. A website that presents new content from time to time keeps the web audience interested. However, businesses, in order to keep their website updated cannot afford to keep a web developer; neither can they frequently contact a web development company to update their website, as these moves are inefficient, and perhaps, costly. Therefore, businesses should seek a solution that would enable them to manage their website on their own. Fortunately, PHP can offer such a solution, in the form of CMS website. A CMS, acronym of content management system, is a system that works in the backend of a website and allows the website owner to manage the content, i.e. texts, images, banners, videos, as well as the entire theme of the website easily. There are several PHP-based ready-to-customized content management systems available. Some of them are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Using any of these CMSs, PHP developers can build very easy-to-manage websites.

Along with websites and web apps, PHP development also helps create powerful ecommerce and online store solutions. There are several PHP-based shopping cart software applications available, such as Zen Cart, Magento, osCommerce, and PrestaShop. Using these, PHP developers can build excellent ecommerce websites.

PHP can do many things to help you create a strong online presence. From excellent websites to versatile web app and ecommerce solutions, PHP can cater for any web requirements. If you need PHP development service, or if you are looking to hiring skilled and experienced PHP developers, do contact us. We have considerable experience in PHP development and have delivered a plenty of thriving web solutions to our clients across the globe.

In order to stay in-tune with the market or gain advantage over competitors, a small business needs professionals, not on a full-time or permanent basis, to complete certain tasks or jobs like website development or website enhancement. For such a business, outsourcing is the best option. It not only saves money, but also delivers quality solutions. Not to forget, outsourcing also frees you from the hassle of looking after these special requirements.

It always happens — there comes a time when a small business, in order to stay in-tune with the market or gain advantage over competitors, needs professionals, not on a full-time or permanent basis, to complete certain tasks or jobs like website development or website enhancement. Failing to adhere to this need may lead to serious consequences like, not reaching the targeted revenue, incurring a big loss, or graver, forcing to shut the business as it cannot compete or survive anymore. Fortunately, the concept of outsourcing still exists. Outsourcing today does not have the same snag it used to, and it can certainly be a key part of your business. Asking existing full-time employees, to wear multiple hats, does not just lead to exhaustion, but it is also rare you will find such personnel.

The best thing to do is outsourcing to a professional web development or mobile app development company. Such companies, of course, will demand a bit more on a project or hourly basis, but see the benefits you get; you don’t have to give them paid vacation, health insurance, or any other perks that your regular employees get.

Below are some of the special tasks or jobs for which it might be crucial or beneficial to hire an outsourcing company. Maybe you are forcing your employees to perform these tasks even when they do not qualify for them. Maybe you are avoiding these tasks altogether. Either way, it is now time to consider an outsourcing company once again.

Web Development

The chances of, a small, non-IT business needing a full-time web developer, are very slim. In the digital era and mobile-ready world, however, you certainly need to be on top of the online presence game. Today, many “web development professionals” are out there who would help you fulfill your special requirements. Ensure to find the best one from them by ascertaining their experience and web development skills.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO involves different practices that help move your website up (based on your business-related keywords) in the search engine results. For example, when someone Googles or Bings, “dentist Pennsylvania,” there is a reason why certain websites come on the first page: search engine optimization. SEO is ever-changing, and it includes different factors like quality content, link building, site optimization and more. It is not something that you can learn, master and enforce by yourself.

When you are choosing an outsourcing company that specializes in SEO services, make sure, not to just go with the one that offers cheapest options upfront. Do some research, and find the one that offers extensive search engine optimization services.

Skilled Writers

From the landing page to website content, blogs to press releases (for SEO purposes), “writing” has become more crucial to businesses than ever before. It is the main way your business communicates to potential customers, stakeholders, and the general public. Most companies or businesses think “writing” is easy, and they even assign their employees, who are majoring in English, to the content writing task. This can be a mistake and could adversely affect the business’s reputation as well as its website’s SEO.

Good writers, to whom you can outsource your specific “writing” requirements, can be hard to find. Nevertheless, finding them is necessary as these professionals help write compelling copies that can persuade potential customers and stakeholders toward your business.

SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Just because you have 200 odd friends or followers on your personal Facebook page or Twitter, it does not make you a social media expert. Expanding your business reach, making people aware of your products and services, through publicity via popular social media channels, is not an easy job, and it requires an expert specializing in social media optimization. Social media optimization or SMO experts know the nitty-gritty of various social media sites and how to publicize a brand.

Just like finding a company with skilled writers, finding a company with proficient SMO experts can be tough. Nevertheless, publicity of your business on social media sites, where most of the people nest today, is essential in this day and age.

App Development

Mobile apps are no longer an option, but they are a prerequisite today. Billions of people today own smartphones and spend most of their time on it. Not having a mobile app to target this segment of smartphone users just means, missing out on a big business opportunity.

Developing a mobile app is not an easy task, and it requires very skilled app developers. Making mobile app developers a part of the company is not a wise decision because they demand a high salary. Besides, the app development job is not a frequent one. The best course of action is to outsource mobile app development requirement to a company specializing in this field. There are many mobile app development companies established today, and, therefore, it might be difficult to choose the right or reliable one. As a safe option, choose a company to outsource your mobile app development requirement that has considerable experience and extensive skills in developing apps for different mobile platforms.

In order to thrive, a business needs to stay in touch with the current trends. They need to adapt according to the changing market. Relying on existing employees who are not specialized or setting up an in-house team to take care of the tasks or jobs, that help stay in tune with the market trend, is an unwise decision; it will only lead to employee burnout or overspending. The best option is outsourcing. It not only saves money, but also delivers quality solutions. Not to forget, outsourcing also frees you from the hassle of looking after these special requirements.

Active Server Pages also known by its abbreviation ASP was Microsoft’s powerful server-side scripting language used to create robust, secure, and easily customizable web pages. On the other hand, .NET is a dynamic software framework designed by Microsoft that operates primarily on Microsoft Windows. Both, ASP and .Net together form a Microsoft’s ASP.NET server side web and application development framework that permits the developers to design full-bodied, highly secure, and reliable applications as well as websites for businesses.

Bespoke ASP.NET Development is for All

Whether, small, medium or large, in 2015, fierce competition is around every business. Therefore, businesses, organizations, and industries, especially those belonging to developed nations such as the USA, UK, and Australia, are constantly searching for web applications that permit them to accomplish and administrate their business processes and objectives easily, effectively, and securely. A powerful and robust business website and application may include many fundamental aspects, including customer relationship management (CRM), web content management, employee management system (EMS), and many other industry and business specific software applications that ensure smooth functioning of business processes.

By developing a business website or a software application for your business on any web development platforms that are neither secure nor powerful, you are putting your entire business and data at high risk. ASP.NET web and application development are highly recommended for businesses in the USA, UK, and Australia, as it comes with trust of Microsoft. Previously owned by Microsoft, ASP.NET is now an open source web development platform that helps developers to build web applications that are safe, robust, and reliable, despite their complexity. Offshore Microsoft Gold Certified development companies, such as Concept Infoway, offer rewarding ASP.NET development services to clients coming from the USA, UK, Australia, and many other European nations.

Business Rewards of ASP.NET Development

ASP.NET development is rewarding for small, medium, and large sized businesses because of many reasons. It is one of the most productive web development platforms that cover all the requirements of the businesses. Its integration of technological paradigms such as language interoperability with CLR and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) extension framework and many other features let ASP.NET provide dynamic, secure, and flexible web and app solutions. The success of ASP.NET can be estimated by the fact that major business and entertainment websites, including,,,,,, and to name a few rely on it. Reasons to Why ASP.Net Development is Best for Small and Medium Sized Business in 2015 are mentioned below, and they are as follows:

  • It is open source
  • It is easy to deploy
  • It is easy to maintain
  • It is highly secure
  • It has amazing cross platform compatibility
  • It has an extraordinary ability of interoperation with existing applications
  • It can be easily integrated with legal systems
  • Easy Code management & Robustness
  • All libraries in one place
  • Localization and globalization
  • Rapid application development

In the end, to conclude, if you are a business owner with either small or complex web development requirements, ASP.NET development is the best for your business. Bespoke ASP.NET development can indeed turn out to be the profitable answer that can offer premium, flexible, reliable and customizable solutions for all your business requirements.

If you are searching for a reliable Microsoft Gold Certified ASP.NET development company in India having a long list of satisfied customers in countries, including the USA, UK, and Australia, then contact Concept Infoway. We have the potential and skills to suffice your requirements by offering the right solution for your business needs.