It is always difficult to develop an app for the Apple Watch. After all, it is an Apple product, and developing apps for Apple products viz. the iPhone and iPad, persistently require stringent quality control. Nevertheless, in the case of Apple Watch, along with quality control, Apple Watch app developers also need to heed several other aspects. Below are a couple of important things that Apple Watch app developers have to consider for Apple Watch app development.

App Design

The Apple Watch does not have the luxury like both the iPhone and iPad have regarding the screen size. It is a watch, smartwatch, but a watch with 1.5-inch (diagonal) display. It needs clever app design to make the app work on the Apple Watch. An approach that shrinks down the existing iPhone app is not going to work for the Apple Watch app; designing interfaces like an iPhone app is simply futile.
The Apple Watch app developers need to take into consideration what users want to see at a glance. The time of interaction a user has with his or her Apple Watch is marginal. Therefore, the app should be able to deliver whatever the users seek in the lowest amount of time. For that, the app needs ingenious design – a design with simple, easy-to-understand user interface.
For Apple Watch app development, developers need to avoid the urge to trim down their existing iOS app. Instead, they need to understand the small space (screen size), and design the app cleverly. Special attention to the use of a good font and a proper font size is also vital.

Apple Watch’s Hardware Limitations

It is understandable that because of the size, Apple Watch has certain limitations. As it lacks the computing power like an iPhone or iPad does, the apps can become laggy or slowish. Those apps with the flamboyant user interface will create more lag problems.

On the other hand, the WatchKit, the framework that helps developers to develop apps for Apple Watch, still has some inconsistency and problems. Therefore, the developers have to work very hard and smartly to develop apps for Apple Watch. They need to make sure to keep the codes simple and consistent. They need to avoid creating latency-creating functions. Heavy animations also slow down the app, so developers should restrain their use.

Microsoft, with its upcoming operating system Windows 10, is trying to make things much easier for the developers. What used to be a tedious and time-consuming task of developing a particular Windows app, for multiple devices with different form factors and configurations, will now be much simpler. Microsoft has introduced the concept of “Universal Windows App,” an app that can run on different devices, including the desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, consoles, and even the Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Windows app developers will no longer need to write code for multiple times in order to target different devices. Instead, Windows app developers will have to write code only once to target various devices, or to make the app workable on various devices. Imagine the hassle it will reduce and the time it will save to develop a Windows app.

Businesses looking for Windows app development will also benefit from the universal app concept. From their perspective, they will have to get the Windows app developed once. Getting the app developed once means they will not have to pay more, which otherwise they would have to for getting the same app developed for different devices. Aside from the cost of Windows app development, businesses will also be able to expand their reach. Think about it; a business invests only one time in Windows app development, and is able to reach their potential customers who are using desktops, laptops, Windows Phones, Xbox consoles, wearables, and IoT devices.

Users too will benefit from universal Windows apps. They will be able to have their favorite, convenient apps on whatever devices they are using. The look and feel of the apps and even the experience will remain the same on different devices.

Microsoft’s universal Windows app concept is just simple, effective and prudent. Not only Windows application developers and businesses, looking for Windows app development, benefit from it, but users will benefit too.

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Since the day of inception, hot discussions between the supporters of native app development and cross platform app development have been observed by the mobile app development industry. Adding fuel to fire, this war of words raised a huge confusion among the entrepreneurs, who are still unable to decide, whether to go with native mobile application development or to go with cross platform mobile application development. If you are one of the entrepreneurs, who is still confused and wondering that is better for your business, then keep reading this blog, as it will help you find answers to all your questions related to mobile app development in 2015.

Firstly, just for information, let’s make it clear, what is the cross platform mobile app and what is native mobile app.

Cross Platform Mobile Applications are those that developers augment web code with a native SDK. The most impressive trait of this application is that it can be easily deployed across multiple platforms. It is a cheaper and faster solution.

Pros: Cross Platform Mobile App Development

  • Cross platform mobile apps offer uniform look and feel across different platforms
  • They use familiar technologies
  • They use common scripting language
  • They can be reused across different operating systems such as iOS, Android, etc.
  • Update once and sync all
  • They cover more customer base and platforms
  • Applications based on the list can be easily implemented
  • Report based cross platform mobile applications are more attractive in appearance
  • They offer identical mobile and web view
  • Reduced development cost and time

Cons: Cross Platform App Development

  • Cross platform mobile apps may not satisfy all functional requirements
  • They require different tools, including PhoneGap, Xamarin, Grapple, Corona, Titanium, Open plug, Unity etc.
  • They show limited compatibility with different platforms
  • UI is not that interactive as the single app is developed for multiple platforms
  • Cross platform mobile apps are less flexible
  • Limited accessibility of hardware, including GPS, camera, and push notifications
  • Experienced and efficient developers are hard to find
  • Cross platform app development is mostly preferred for games
  • Hard to test on real devices
  • Cross platform apps are hard to optimize for a specific platform

On the other hand, Native Mobile Applications are those that are platform specific. The most impressive aspect of this app is that it lets you extract the maximum potential of a respective platform. Native apps offer great user experiences with larger app capabilities. App development charges and time totally depend upon the complexity of an application.

Pros: Native Mobile App Development

  • Native apps offer 100% hardware support and fulfill all possible requirements into a functional reality.
  • Native support is widely available.
  • Native apps can be developed in a very less time
  • You can easily find experienced and efficient app developers.
  • Native apps offer more flexibility.
  • Implementation and modifications are feasible with native apps.
  • Native apps are more fragmented in use and integration.
  • Native apps get instantly benefited whenever the new features are announced.
  • Native app developers are friendlier with components and UI.
  • Native apps get the support from the respective app store.
  • The performance of a native can be enhanced easily.

Cons: Native App Development

  • You need to regularly update your native app, whenever a newer version of the OS is released.
  • It takes more resources, budget, and time to create an app in different native platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.

Apart from above mentioned Pros and Cons for both the options, there are still many factors to consider when it comes to impeccable mobile app development for your business. If you still cannot decide what is better for your business .i.e. Native Mobile Application Development or Cross Platform Mobile Application, then contact our Mobile App Developer at Concept Infoway

There are quite a few apps already for the latest, greatest Apple Watch! Have you got yours yet? Your very own Apple Watch app to complement your business? If you still haven’t, you are losing a foothold. In fact, you are losing an excellent opportunity to capitalize on your competitors.

It has been more than two weeks now, since the release of the Apple Watch. And guess what, a week before the launch, Apple received an estimated one million Apple Watch pre-orders. This means that currently, there are already one million Apple Watch users around the world. One million users, but not enough apps; yes, there are several apps already, but not enough.

It is still not too late to get yourself an app developed for the Apple Watch. By getting an app developed for the Apple Watch and launching it in the Apple Store, you are making it possible of allowing your app, be more prominent. Apple Watch users will be able to find your app easily because there are not too many apps yet. It is like getting the advantage of early entry into the market where the competition is low, and profit is there for the taking.

In order to get an app developed for the Apple Watch, you will need to contact someone who is experienced in developing apps for various Apple devices, and has already begun with the Apple Watch app development. Apple Watch app development is no easy feat; the device is too small, yet too smart! Therefore, the developers need to develop an Apple Watch app, keeping the device size and its capability in mind.

The UI for Apple Watch apps needs to be clever, as users will usually be interacting with the apps for a short amount of time. In the short amount of time, users should be able to achieve whatever they want from the app; quick score updates, take quick notes, check flight schedules, etc. For this reason, find Apple Watch app developers who are skilled enough to design the suitable UI for the apps.

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In 2014, Google employees were frequently heard saying that soon mobile search queries would overhaul the desktop queries. Recently, Google has officially confirmed that this has now happened. The company officially released a statement admitting, “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 nations, including the USA and Japan.” The company refused to share the details of the report and stayed away from answering questions such as, “what the other countries were on the list, how recently this change happened, or what the relative volumes of PC and mobile search queries are now.

In a conversation with the Search Engine Land, Google replied that mobile queries include mobile browser-based searches and those coming from Google’s mobile search apps. However, the company didn’t break down the relative shares of each. An important point to remember while considering this report is that just smartphones are induced, as Google grouped tablets with desktops.

ComScore, an American Internet Analytics Company, revealed a report, showing the relative volume of US-based search queries on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. According to the report, in Q4 2014, US mobile queries (smartphones + tablets) were approximately 29% of total search volumes. This is across the entire industry.

Addressing the report released by the ComScore, the Google is now saying that the data were inappropriate or the growth of mobile search is happening much faster than expected. When Search Engine Land asked Google to clarify the report provided by ComScore, they declined to do so. These data are being released in the context of a range of new AdWords and Google Display Network tools and announcements.

With the Google’s confirmation about mobile search has now overhauled desktop search, we can expect some more mobile-friendly updates from Google.

Billions of mobile games and applications are entertaining and helping end-users to accomplish their day-to-day tasks effortlessly. These mobile applications, either for Android or for iOS or for Windows Phone, are developed for the convenience of the end-users. However, they offer countless advantages to business such as, they are the best marketing medium, an easiest way to reach potential customers, offer a healthy mode of communication between a customer and a business, etc. But, to conquest the competition prevailing within your business ecosystem, your mobile application should be useful as well as engaging. While mobile application development for your business, follow these tips to make your mobile app more engaging and customer-centric.

Make your app being liked by users

End-users never discard or uninstall an app that they like the most or one that is helpful. At regular intervals of time, they keep on updating it and suggest it to their friends, family, and colleagues. Productivity is the key factor behind the success of any mobile app, whether it is Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Therefore, when developing a mobile app, ask your developer to offer desired productivity to an app.

Add quality standards and keep enhancing them

We know that, mobile applications with enhanced productivity, performance, and quality have a cutting edge over others. Users are in search of such apps and always love to use them. These success traits do not only apply on apps, but on any product used by consumers. Mobile apps having these traits have a long-lasting impression on customers’ mind.

Design a simple, neat and clean app

Simple and clear app design has the power to engage users immediately. Ask the mobile app developers you hire to keep the interface intuitive, simple and inviting to be explored by users. Useful content should be placed on the top, followed by others. Furthermore, the design should be neat and striking.

Allow user to personalize it

Smartphones can be more personalized than desktops and laptops. Your mobile applications should have the features of being personalized according to the user’s context. This feature increases the stability of engagement. Another point to remember is that avoid unnecessary or irrelevant promotions in your app, as it distracts the end-users and decreases the engagement.

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Since last few months, reports of Android apps on Windows have been floating around, and it seems Microsoft is delivering on those rumors. Microsoft recently unfolded the details of the “Project Astoria” that lets you build great Windows apps, while reusing your Android app code and tools. Also referred as Project A, the Project Astoria will be available after the release Windows 10 RTM to offer Universal Windows Platform Bridge toolkit that will facilitate developers to create Windows 10 apps for phones by reusing developers’ Android code. An android app developer can easily port popular Android apps and games over to Windows 10 for phones, that too in a very less time. Furthermore, it hardly requires one line of code to port an Android app over to Windows 10 for phones.

Windows App Development – The Ways Things are changing
What is “Project Astoria”?

After the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft announced to release “Project Astoria”, a Universal Windows Platform Bridge toolkit that enables you to build Windows apps for phones by reusing Android code. Microsoft’s Project Astoria can be used to:

  • Create Windows apps for phones with minor code changes
  • Use a Microsoft interoperability library to integrate Microsoft services into your app with very little effort
  • Test and debug your app from your preferred IDE
  • Publish your app and get paid through the Windows Store

Microsoft’s Project Astoria is for porting popular Android apps and games over Windows 10 for phones. It will allow android apps to function on windows. Windows mobile will include an Android runtime layer that will let them run existing Android apps (both Java and C++) unmodified. Astoria will work with any old APK, without requiring any extra efforts from developers, but directly publish the app in the store. Moreover, it will also provide some integration points with Windows so that Android apps, with little modifications, support features such as Cortana.

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Microsoft is making things easier for Windows app developers and, of course, the stakeholders who are looking for custom Windows app solutions to complement their business that would help them reach broader customers base. What used to be a redundant process, that is the Windows app development process for different devices, is no longer redundant. Microsoft, for the upcoming operating system Windows 10, wants to make all the Windows apps universal, meaning a single Windows app will work uniformly on different Windows-powered devices. So now, the developers will not have to write and test a particular app for different devices! Stakeholders, on the other hand, will have to pay less to the developers as the developers will be building only a single app instead of multiple apps suitable for different devices.

In order to assist the Windows app developers write and test the universal apps that work flawlessly on different Windows devices, Microsoft has already released Visual Studio CTP 6 (Community Technology Preview 6), for the Windows 10 technical preview.

If Windows app developers can build an app once and have it functional instantly on multiple devices, it will make things much easier for them to cover the entire Windows 10 ecosystem, including desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, Xbox consoles, as well as wearables and IoT (Internet of Things) devices. By covering the entire Windows 10 ecosystem, the effort, time and the cost associated with Windows app development can reduce significantly.

In Visual Studio 2013, the in-use stable version, the developers have a separate project for each Windows device. Certain ways exist, in Visual Studio 2013, where developers can share the code and have the features of their development extend from one device to another with similar user controls, but a different UI (user interface). However, not all user controls work across all the Microsoft Windows platforms. This needs to be changed, and this is where the universal apps come in.

In Visual Studio CTP 6, Windows app developers have a single project for all the devices. Developers build the core app, whose code and application programming interfaces (APIs) are congenital by all device types. They, then using the extension software development kit (SDK), handle the device-specific elements as layers to the common core for each device type. The approach of Microsoft is similar to the approach Apple has used successfully in its Xcode development environment over the past several years for iOS apps.

Aside from the app code, Microsoft is also addressing the various devices’ UI differences with its Adaptive UX. The Adaptive UX not only adapt the screen size, but also the user input type, i.e. touch, keyboard, and mouse, for each device.

To ensure that an app functions flawlessly on every Microsoft device type, developers focus on utilizing the universal family of APIs. If developers want to target a particular device or a group of devices, they fetch those devices’ extension APIs. Therefore, they can build “one code fits all” Windows apps, device-specific apps, or a blend of the two. It is efficient and flexibility.

Now, for Windows app development, developers just have to develop the universal apps. It is the best time to go for Windows app development.

Finding a professional, yet affordable web design company in India that can serve clients in USA, UK, Australia or any other location is tough, but essential. How well the website is designed and built, decide the success of any business. A beautiful looking website with high performance will attract new prospects and retain the regular ones.

When it comes to finding a good web design company in India, the problem is not actually searching it. The problem is determining which the good one is. There are countless web design companies in India, and picking the right one from them is not a piece of cake. Certain things need consideration while hiring a proper web design company in India. Here are the things to consider before contracting with a web design company in India.

One of the foremost things, a business looking to hire a web design company in India should do, is to visit the web design company’s website and check out its portfolio section. The portfolio section gives a clear picture of the web design company’s quality of work. A business needs to check the types of industries the company has dealt with in order to ensure whether the company is capable enough to cater for the business’s unique web requirements.


The technology section of a web design company’s website states which technologies they deal in for designing and developing websites. There are many different Microsoft and Open Source technologies, using which website developers can build websites. While some technologies simply help build websites, others facilitate in creating wonderful websites. Further, website solutions via some technologies are expensive; through other technologies, though, especially Open Source technologies like PHP, WordPress, etc., inexpensive website solutions are possible. A business should check what types of technologies the company predominantly uses to build websites. If the web design company only deals with Microsoft technologies, and if the business does not want solutions in these technologies, maybe because of the budget, it should avoid such a company.


A business should make sure that it is getting what it is paying for. For this, a business needs to consider its own budget first. A business should check its own web requirements and assess their market price. After accessing, a business needs to compare the prices offered by different web design companies. Needless to say, but a business should contract with the one that offers the best value for money.

Where can a business find an experienced, yet affordable web design company in India?

If a business wants the best web design service in India at affordable prices, then it should take the help of the internet. On Google or Bing, a business can find experienced and skilled web designers who will have the potential to design and build exceptional websites as per the unique needs.

These web designers offer real support and assist a business throughout, from the inception of the project until the execution of the project. A business just needs to be sure about considering the above three criteria before contracting with any web designer or web design company.

Is it a good time to get an Apple Watch app developed? While the Apple Watch has not released yet, would you, as an entrepreneur, find Apple Watch app developers to get an app built for your business?

Like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, Apple Watch is an amazing device. It is smart, capable to track fitness and health of an individual wearing it. It, of course, is an extension of the latest iPhone. The users of the Apple Watch will be able to do most of the things that they are currently able to do right on their iPhone. However, with Apple Watch, users will be able to do most things effortlessly. For instance, they will be able to see the text messages on the fly on the Apple Watch, without taking out the iPhone from their pockets. Users will also be able to find stuff using “Siri” on the Apple Watch. The connection between the Apple Watch and iPhone will be established via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Apple Watch is no doubt going to be an exceptional device, but is it wise to get its apps developed now?
As per the forecast from J.P. Morgan, Apple will be selling 26.3 million Apple Watch units in 2015. Now, if we consider this forecast, it is not a bad idea to get an app developed for the Apple Watch right now. Apple Watch app development is no piece of cake, and in order to develop apps for Apple Watch, it takes considerable experience (mobile app development experience) and immense knowledge of the latest iOS SDK. Developing apps for the iPhone and iPad was already difficult, considering the high standard that Apple demands. Now, with Apple Watch, which basically has a very small screen, developing apps will be tough. Users will not have much space to interact with the Apple Watch apps, so Apple Watch app developers have to design the apps intelligently. The challenges that Apple Watch app development present is probably the cardinal reason why not many companies have yet started with the app development. Some tech-aficionado companies, however, have begun the Apple Watch application development. Finding such companies may pose a bit of a challenge, but Google is there to help… right?

Find a company that offers Apple Watch App development, and has considerable experience in mobile application development. Getting an Apple Watch app developed right now can prove fruitful, as there will not be many apps available sooner, considering how tough it is to develop them. The limited number of apps means your app will be more prominent. A larger number of people will try your app on their new Apple Watch. Your Apple Watch app will indeed help your business acquire some nice brand value.